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I made some brads at the last minute. (first time doing something for a blog train!)

On my blog now

I can't say I'm happy with my results this month smiley I felt like as this developed it needed to be split by color family, so I made three separate zip files and then one that includes all three:

Posting momentarily on my blog. Hopefully it is useful to someone.

^ Available on my Facebook page smiley ^

^ Available here smiley ^

I didn't have time to make much for this blog train, but I did manage to make some cookie styles. I made them to use to make some
cookie elements I was going to have in the kit I never got a chance to make,haha:) Not the greatest, but still super fun to play with:)

You can grab them on my blog HERE:)

Hi I am late because my mom was admitted in Hospital due to some sickness..Here is my contribution for this month Blog Train.. smiley
FIND THEM AT MY BLOG-- Creative Mind's Studio

Subscribers can download HERE, others please download on my BLOG.

You can pick mine up under my notes section on my FB page.



Non-facebookers can pick it up here.

Here is mine. You can find it on my blog

people! hello!
how are you? would you like a cookie? i baked a tone...
come join me for a little birthday slash xmas party over at the blog and you'll get... well, this.


Thanks to all the wonderful designers this month! What an amazing train!

My contribution is HERE on my blog. I hope you enjoy it!

[img] [/img]

Papers Alphas Frames
Elements Word Art

My portion is now available on my blog.

Free Download in my Blog click HERE

Well I've finally finished making previews! Sorry to be so late...and I hope no one gets upset that I made so much (being serious here). When I started zipping things up and making previews, I realized just what I had done. Wowza, is it ever a REAL mega kit! There are 75 papers and 695 elements, and it's just under a gigabyte. Here's the previews:

Well, that's it. Whew! You may snag these on my blog.


***Only post in this thread if you are posting a link to your part for the blog train.***
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Links should now be fixed

Here's my contribution this month, download HERE

Better late than never! You can find my portion either here on the Pixel Scrapper site or here on my Facebook page. If you can't access either of those and would like my portion, just shoot an email my way. smiley

Also, if you love the look of my mini, check out the full bundle here on the site.


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