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@Kayl, I love your journal cards, so I think you're doing well with them!

@Laurel, I've been looking all over the place for dreidel shapes but I haven't found anything print quality. Do you know where I could find some?

I put these together last night before noticing Laurel's post about the colors not matching the hex codes. I'll see what else I can come up with, but I do like these so I wanted to share.

Okay, Kayl, I have a follow up question. Does the ACO file need to be in a specific usage folder like brushes, fonts, etc., or can it be saved, for instance, in the working folder for that month's blog train? And, is the ACO usable only in Photoshop or can it be opened also in Photoshop Elements? I use both, but I do most everything in PSE. Thanks again!

Dawn, you can work with the ACO file in both PS and PSE.

If you want to pre-load it you can save it into the swatches folder or add it via the preset manager. You can also save it to a working folder and load it manually. Here's a screenshot:

So you go to Window>Swatches to open the panel, then click that little triangle in the corner and select "Load swatches."

@Dawn - I never put aco's or abr's in their respected /photoshop/ file path folders. Sometimes desktop, sometimes BT folders, sometimes in an 'inspiration' folder, etc. smiley

As for PSE I hadn't a clue but Rose says yes smiley

I'm the same as Kayl, lol. I have too many resources to save them all into PSE. The only thing I think you absolutely have to save into a PSE folder is custom shapes. Anything else you can load manually as you use it.

Beautiful work ladies! This is what I came up with:

and a better look at the papers:

Ah, Phyllis, you have brought out the gorgeous colors to perfection!
I always do like your work, but I especially love this kit!
Can't wait to download it!
SO beautiful!
Thank you for all that you share with us!

Here's my take on this month's color palette. I really appreciate the ACO file because it give the exact color hex# so I don't drift off the colors. I use PSE so I cannot check Gamut so must depend on the actual color # to stay on track. I can see that several of us had the same general inspiration about what home for the holidays means to us.
FYI I will be traveling (our of the country) and unable to post this until after December 10th--unless I can find a computer cafe somewhere.

Lisel - Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! I'm so glad you like the kit.

I save it in my blog train folder for that month, then just load it every time I am designing for that month's kit. smiley Like the picture shows a few posts above, I hit "Replace Swatch" then it opens up to my computer files and I just load my desired ACO file, then the only colors in my color swatch window are the colors for that blog train.


Oh, and I have PSE 15.

I am so excited about Dec. Blog Train, I am not a Designer so I so appreciate all of you that are and want you to know that I am very choosey about Kits I pick to create lay outs from and I really feel we here at Pixel Scrapper have Fabulous Designers. I can't wait to download this Blog Train and begin using it. Great color pallet choice and Your Kits are Lovely!!! Thank You to each of You.

Here is my contribution.

I love the stained glass looking elements, Robin!

i would like to join too.

here is mine

Beautiful Claudia!

Very nice, Claudia! I love the second paper from the left a lot!! The fourth from the left looks like it might have a broken pattern - it's hard to know without seeing it entirely but did you intend for the black dots to only be partial? Super cute overall!

This is mine, link will be posted Nov. 30


Oh, I just can't wait for this kit of yours, Sunny! It's gorgeous!

You're welcome, Phyllis! smiley

Oh, wow, Robin! I love this whole kit, but the stained glass elements are my favorite! So very COOL!!!!

Dawn, I just love that fireplace and bird house. So cute!

This is gonna be another MASSIVE holiday train. Thanks to all who are creating!

Here is my contribution for now

Gorgeous'-ness'??? overload!!!
Love everyone's contribution...such talented, tireless & generous designers we have here in PS.
I have yet to download this month's (Nov) will do that first and comment on another great contribution!
Thank you, ladies, for all the love you share every month!

I will have a little grab bag available for this BLOG TRAIN on the 29th, in the freebie section of my store here...


My first blogtrain -I hope everything works ... I'm so excited smiley
I had so much fun so I made three parts.

The stamps are in two versions - plain black and a little grunged.

Please let me know what you think ...