Dec 2018 Blog Train - Working

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Dec 2018 Blog Train - Working

The December blog train is Retro Holly Jolly!

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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Be forewarned, I plan on going big with this blog train. It's my very first Xmas with Pixel Scrapper so I want to go all out and share lots of goodies as my way of saying: "Love you guys!"

I just hope I can do the theme and colour palette justice, since both were my silly idea (oh dear!).


I went pretty big on this one too Brenda. I get started and just can't seem to stop. This is what I came up with.


Robin, I'm LOVING your kit! So cute!

my, oh my, Robin, this kit is simply too adorable, I LOVE the elves!!

Thank you Dawn and Lisel for your kind comments.

Sorry I haven't been online for a few weeks ladies, real life jumped up and bit me in the ankle and kept me busy with other things for a while.

Robin, I'm absolutely in love with those swirly trees and elements of yours ! And the patterned paper you made with the swirly curly trees to match... gorgeous !

I can't wait to get a closer look in December !


Great work Robin. You took the colors and made them come alive for me. Loving the elves and trees!. I'm so impressed that you finished these so early!

Wow, Robin, I really love your work! Everything looks great!

I was searching for some photoshop resources at deviantart and realized that I haven't been active in this site since May last year.
So to stress out all the things I've got up my mind decided to make these papers. Probably very basic papers but was feeling the color palette that way.

got an early start on this month's kit smiley

Oooooooo.........drooling over here...........

love your kit, Elizabeth!! the Christmas signs are so unique and your papers are beautiful!!

I'm going with Holly--as in the plant--and Jolly--as in "old Saint Nick" for my minikit. I had some difficulty with the colors but here is my take on the topic and color scheme. I wanted to get this finished before the relatives start coming for the holidays, so I am finished early!

Got mine finished early this month:

and a better look at the papers:

So much neat stuff! Elizabeth the van with the gifts on top is just way too cute!

Thank you Dawn and Jill smiley

I love your elements Donna!! and Phyllis your papers are just perfect!! smiley

What a beautiful kits already for December! I love all of them. I've finished this one some days ago and it is huuuuge. smiley Although I have made a 'mini' kit to go on the blogtrain, I still have many parts to put on my blog as freebies as well, I just wanted to be the blogtrain a little more controlled, haha.
I don't really know what is 'retro' about my kit though... I've tried my best and I actually think it came out pretty nice.


Oh Marjan I have been working on some penguin stuff too, but nowhere near as cute as yours. Still, I'm sorry in advance about the similarity.

Although there is more than one Santa too so maybe that's okay.

Here is part #1 (I'll have a few journal/filler cards and some collage papers)

So cute, Dawn!

Love everyone's work so far! So much wonderful creativity going on. I struggle with vintage type colors. They're just not my cup of tea.
Robin, I love your little elves.
Donna and Phyllis, your papers are wonderful.
Marjan, love the penguin.
Tammy and Dawn, your kits are so cute!

Here are the collage papers.

Next month's blog train is going to be so awesome!

Finally have my kit finished and ready to go.

I designed the kit around the era known as the Atomic Age (also known as mid-century modern) that started around the 1950's when the space organization known as NASA first started up. This 1950's "Atomic Age" was the start of the US/Russia "Space Race" and the sudden boom in popularity of science fiction in books, magazines, movies, and little boys dreaming of becoming astronauts... which then lead to the popularity of shows like The Jetsons and Star Trek in the early 60's.

Now that I've established my Sci-Fi nerdiness (*snicker snicker*), here's my idea of Retro Holly Jolly...

Papers and elements:

More papers and wordart (plus a hidden bonus gift):

Glitter papers and full alpha set (upper, lower, numbers, symbols):

I am loving the color palette! I am going to participate for this blog train. Can't wait!

Here's my part.

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