December 2019 Blog Train - Working

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December 2019 Blog Train - Working

The December 2019 blog train is Holiday Magic!

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Please make sure this logo is visible on your preview:
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Thank you, Sunny.

Many Thanks Sunny!


@ Tammy, now that is the vibrant candy colors I envisioned with this palette! Absolutely LOVE the hot pink poinsettias! and who can't adore a white tree with hot pink and blue! also, the rag doll is adorable!!

@Dawn, thank you so much.

(And since the preview might be a bit busy to see everything....)

@Lisel: I'd be happy to check your elements for you and remove stray pixels. Just send me the files at [email protected] . I am traveling and a bit off my schedule at the moment, but I should be able to take a look before December smiley

Marisa, I THINK I've figured out my issue! Thanks SO MUCH for offering to QC my stuff, but I'm pretty sure I've got the stray pixels problem fixed! Sizing, now that is another story, lol. But I'm working on it.

Oh, Marisa, that would be wonderful! And I'm sorry about posting previews to gallery (I don't know how I missed the discussion post on this!). Thank you for all your help! I'll try to get those files to you soon. smiley

10 papers and PS patterns - PU/CU ok


kit is PU only

This is shaping up to be a very eclectic kit. smiley It's interesting seeing the different interpretations of the color palette.

@ Lisel - love the strand of light and the plaid camper with the tree on top is too cute!

@ Robin - love your vibrant papers!

@Trish - gorgeous kit, love your use of the darker tones!

@ Amanda - your kit is so pretty!

@ Gina - love the kissing reindeer paper, and the whole kit is beautiful!

my kit in my blog ...1 December smiley

Looking good, Bourico!

I felt like I should have some plainer papers to go with this kit too, so here's a bonus paper pack! 9 gradient papers.

thank Amanda, and i love your simple papers! smiley

I love all parts to ladies, this blog train is so beautiful !!! smiley smiley

I went "full throttle" on the brightness factor for this one. The colour palette gave me a feeling of whimsical fun, so that's the look I ran with. smiley

So cheerful, Brenda! I like all the parts to it, but especially your word art and Santa things. Did you draw that Santa and reindeer or find them somewhere?

Well I better get busy on this one.... I love the colors and everyones contributions so far..... A bunch of talented generous folks in here. I LOVE it! God Bless! ♥Nae

Brenda that is adorable I cannot wait to make a tag and write a tut with that kit..... smiley

Brenda , i love your part! smiley smiley

At first, I felt a bit out of my comfort zone, but it was so much fun working with these joyfully delicious colors!

Diane that is awesome.... ya'll are gonna keep me in the tagging business.... I am going to be one busy girl. Beautiful work! Thank you! ♥Nae

Diane, the texture on those ornaments makes me want to run my fingers over them to feel it. smiley I also love your papers. Great job!

LOL @Amanda.... smiley

Diane, I love those baubles! And that frame is so pretty.

Thanks guys!

Amanda, I know what you mean about the ornaments. (Your comment gave me a big smile and a little chuckle!) The ornaments are simply doodles that I filled in with color and then added a Photoshop "Puff" style to each layer that I picked up for an advertising spread about 20 years ago. (Time flies when you're having fun.) Made all the difference in the world. They went from "ok, fine" to "Oooo...I LIKE that!" I'm glad you like them, too!


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