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Very nice, Laura, and two colors is just fine. smiley

Go for it, Terrell! The more the merrier!

Hello! This is my kit, it was very difficult for me to use these colors, so finally I came out with a mini and some solid papers:

I like it, Sonia. Solid papers are a good complement to some of the designs we've seen already, and I like your elements (especially the tree).

Sonia, I'm with Amanda on this, your kit is just right! I really like your light string!
And Terrell, please join in! Your take on the theme, etc., I would love to see!

Goodness, the kits in this blog train are all so amazing! Such vibrant colors and beautiful graphics ... I can't wait to use them!

Happy Holidays!

Festive PU Kit

Such beautiful colors and lovely kits! Can't wait to use them!
Bina, I love the vintage graphics smiley
Tammy, your tree is gorgeous!
Lisel, your reindeer are so cool!
Robin, your papers are awesome!
Trish, your papers are too!
Amanda, I love the way you did the "holiday magic"!
Gina, the metal words in your kit are so nice!
Bourico, your kit is so fun!
Amanda, thank you for the gradient papers, they are really nice!
Brenda and Diane.... wow, wow, wow!
This Blog Train is so so pretty smiley

Here is mine.

Here is what I came up with.

I'm looking forward to this one being released! It looks like a lot of great stuff, and I LOVE that it's bright colors.

Dawn, I have to say that I particularly love your plaids for this round. My primary creative hobby when I'm not on here is sewing, and I'm seriously wishing those were fabric!

I take the plunge.
Only papers, but hey, I have to start anywhere, isn't it smiley


Final preview

Very nice Hilde!!!

OMG LOVE the Alexa wordart!!! we literally have 7 in our house! No joke!


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