Feb 2017 Blog Train - Comments

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Feb 2017 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until February 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Nice to see you back, Marcela! I had missed your contributions! As usual, these are great!

I'm really looking forward to collecting everyone's kits -- I think this is the PRETTIEST blog train we've had for a long time -- so congratulations to every single one of you!

Everything available in this blog train is beyond beauty!!!

I agree with everyone's comments - And this is my FAVORITE blog train. Can't wait to use everyone's designs in my layouts.

I love it all! So beautiful blog train! Can't wait to start scrapping with it! Thank you!

I am in awe! You ladies have done a wonderful job on all the contributions to this blog train! Can't wait to see what's yet to come too! smiley I've been looking at lots of blog trains over the past month (learning) and have to say this one truly ROCKS them all! And a big heart felt THANKS for all your generosity! smiley

I can't wait to download everything!! During December I discovered I had (almost) more Christmas supplies than I'll ever be able to use (maybe smiley ) but relatively little in the way of basic winter supplies. Living in New England, that's a big hole, which this train should fill nicely. I love all the kits (thank you everyone!) & adore the palette - & I know what I'll be doing first thing in the morning Feb 1 *rubs hands in glee*. smiley

I agree, everything looks so yummy! So fun to contribute for the first time! It's been a LOOOOONG time since I've designed!

Rachel, I did try to get your contribution from your site, but 4Shared says I need a password?

This is a truly lovely B train! Love everyone's contributions.Thank you to all the wonderful and generous-hearted ladies of PS for your untiring efforts. Waiting for Feb 1st ...

I never saw such a big amount of amazing content! Thank you very much to all contributors; I love your work!

Thank you to everyone! This is a beautiful blog train! Between this and the Digiscrap Parade, my download folder is FULL this morning! Be sure to check out the Digiscrap Parade, too! Lots of beautiful goodies there!

Was anyone able to download Marcela's contribution? There wasn't a link to her blog.... or maybe I missed it?

Awesome blog train this month...lovely kits! Huge thanks to everyone for their parts!

thanks to everyone who created a kit for this blogtrain! smiley

Beautiful train, everyone! Thanks for all the time you put into the kits.

Lovely work, everyone! Thank you! In case you were one of the unfortunate ones who got an error in my dropbox, I just posted Google Drive links, so those should work! smiley

This is Marcela's Blog, but I can't see the kit.

Rachel, I also can't access your kit, due to the requirement for a password. smiley

Also Sunny Faith Rush's link is incorrect - this is the real link to Sunny's Blog

Hello Ladies From Kentucky!

I absolutely love the contribution from Rachel Martin! Unfortunately, when I follow the link to download it from 4shared it asks for a password. I scrolled through the comments above and saw that Robyn Denton & Lisel Rice also had the same problem. smiley
I am posting this in hopes that Rachel sees my, or one of the other ladies's comment so we can download the beautiful kit she has made bc it's super cute!

Also, along with Chitra David & Erin Crouch I can't find the link to Marcela's contribution either. I also looked on her blog listed by Robyn but I didn't see it posted either. If anyone can solves these dilemma's I'd appreciate it greatly!! smiley

Great work, everyone! Thank you so much!

On Marcela's blog, there is a large, bright purple radio button underneath each Preview that says download. It's kinda hard to spot that that's the link. I didn't click on it cause I don't download from Mediafire, but try it, the web address came up when I hovered my cursor over it, so it should work.

Deborah, where'd you find Marcela's previews? I can't find them anywhere. Do you have a direct link to the post with them?

Hi Kayla...read your comment just now...my comment on Marcela's kit was made based on the preview and before the train went live...today I was able to download her kit from her site. No problem with the links, though! Try again... smiley

Hi Robyn...click on the word 'Blog' just on top of her preview...its linked to the kit...just now I downloaded it...no problems! smiley smiley

Thanks, Chitra! smiley

Yes, Marcela's post is linked now. It wasn't linked yesterday. smiley

Thank you Robyn for posting the correct link to my blog. I have corrected the original link. Not sure why it didn't work originally, but always grateful for the way everyone looks out for one another! smiley

(And I was wondering if the reason some downloads aren't active yet on the 1st, might be because they are in a different time/day zone? I can never keep track of where the dateline changes on planet earth.....)

Actually, Sunny... I think it was Robyn that posted your link! smiley

Rachel and Patacake (sp?), I tried to get to your links, but each time it says "password required". So, help, please?
Everyone, all the kits are soooo gorgeous! I can't wait to use them!

I'm so frustrated, this is my first time sharing files in YEARS.... try this link or try PW pixelscrapperlove on the 4shared link....I hope I was able to fix that!?