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That worked for me, Rachel.

the google drive link or the password for 4shared? sorry, trying to fix the bug.

A HUGE thank you all of the wonderful designers for their fabulous contributions!! I love each and every one of them smiley

Thank you Rachel. That link worked. I also want to thank everyone for a wonderful Blog Train this month. An exceptional talented bunch we have here at PS.

Lisel, the link is fixed and you can download it now. My bad! If you still have problems, let me know and I can email you the file.

Oh, THANK you Patacake! I got it this time! Awesome kit, by the way!

WOW.... such a packed full train! The new designers are superb and Thanks to all for giving us soooo much to work with! smiley smiley smiley

Wow, we are certainly spoilt this month .. Pixel Scrappers BT and Digiscrap Parade .. omg I'm in scrap hoard heaven smiley Thank you so much to all the designers who contributed their time and talent .. you are all very generous!! I'm off to unpack all these zip files to see the goodies in all their glory .. thanks again & Hugs to you all smiley

a big thank you for all your talented work. and also a big thank you, that the downloads went so easy without any problems. Sometimes I couldn´t leave a comment, because I have to login in (and don´t know my password) or I didn´t find a comment button (silly me), sorry for this, I appreciate all of your work and with these words "Thank you all!"

Erin, sorry I didn't get back to you. I had some trouble getting on this site, and then I forgot (I'll be hiding my own Easter eggs soon-lol!). I guess it's all handled now by the other comments. I don't know why I could access it when I did, it doesn't look any different now than it did then. Maybe 'cause I use a Mac? Anyway, glad it was handled.

Thank you all for your wonderful work and for your generosity. Pixelscrapper Blogtrain is the best!*heart*

Wanted to pass along my thanks to everyone who participated in this blog train - ya'll made some really neat stuff! smiley

Thank you to all the designers for the amazing kits!!!

This train (like many others here) was totally freaking awesome!!!! Thank you so much to everyone!!!!!