Feb 2019 Blog Train - Comments

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Feb 2019 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until February 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Love this train ladies!!!!

All the contributions are looking awesome ladies. I like Amber AMBDesignz' take on the theme, very original, and Sunny Faith Rush's (Rush Ranch) horse kit is absolutely gorgeous (horses are some of my favourite animals), but I have to say my most favourite kit has to be Phyllis Storm's, what a fun and funny kit, I love it!

Thank you Daniela. I'm so glad you like it.

This train has to be one of my favorites. SO cute! Thank you to all you lovely people that share your time and talent with us in this way!

So glad to hear you are enjoying my contribution Daniela, this was a tricky theme, but had fun coming up with something for it.

So many wonderful contributions to this month's collection. Thank you everyone.

Thank for all the gorgeous kits, everyone!

Thank you to all the wonderful and generous designers for this month's 'wildly' wonderful kits!

Thanks so much, ladies! They're all wonderful!

@Karli-Marie - since you had to turn off comments on your blog, I just wanted to say that I particularly adored your Where the Wild Things Are take on it! (And very appropriate, since my two little monsters have been having their own wild rumpus the entire time I was downloading.)

Wow, thanks, everyone! This is such a great color combo and I love everyone's little details! smiley

Thanks Becky! I designed the kit with one little monster climbing all over me, and the other beating me up from the inside!!

Wow, another totally amazing blog train, full of wonderful goodies .. I am always in awe of the variety we have to choose from!! Unfortunately Robyn Denton I will be unable to collect your portion, as my free time is extremely limited .. a daily download is far out of my reach .. it is not just the time every day to collect, but the unpacking of each gift is so time consuming. I appreciate the gift, but in my honest opinion, a daily download is far outside the parameters of what a blog train is supposed to be. This is not to be ungrateful, I truly appreciate the effort that goes into everyone's contribution .. I just think that if everyone starts putting all different "codicils" on their gift, it will eventually destroy the PS train. I am not trying to tell everyone what to do, I make this comment purely as something to think about - I completely understand that these are gifts, and it is up to us to download or not, and I do not normally make comments that are not totally appreciative & supportive, but I think it is important to keep a blog train a blog train smiley

Thank you all so much! I love the colors in this blog train and all your kits are so wonderful!

Thank you so much for this cute blogtrain!

@All who contributed - This is a beautiful train! I've really enjoyed all the wildly different contributions hehe! You all have done a marvelous job with it! Thank you so much!

@Emmi - you likely didn't see what Robyn posted about her daily kits in our working thread, which is a thread we use before our blog train goes live. Here is what she says:

Basically, if you visit my blog every day in the month, you'll be able to collect 1, 2 or 3 kits per day until you have collected the entire bundle. If you miss a day - no worries - as everything on my blog is available indefinitely, so you can always go back to days that you have missed..

So no worries if you cannot get to them on this day or that. smiley They will still be available for whenever you can get to them! That is most generous of her as I know a lot of daily downloads only last that day or only for a few days. You could think of it as, collect her mini kit now and come back at the beginning of next month for a mega add-on! smiley smiley

Thanks for your comments, Jessica! I scrolled to the end of the comments to reply to Emmi, and saw what you said.

To Emmi, I do understand where you are coming from, but I ended up making so much that it turned into a big bundle! As not everyone has a superfast internet connection [I don't! smiley ], I thought 'little and often' would probably suit more people. Perhaps you could log on once a week, or fortnight? Whatever you decide, feel free to check out all the blog posts, and download anything you like, whenever you like!

To RB, who made a request on my blog, but who has since deleted the comment -- here is the link you were asking about:


I've never shared a folder before, so if you're still unable to download, just let me know!

Sunny - the plaid paper pack you are showing in your previews doesn't appear to be in the download. (and I really love plaids) I have elements, patterned paper (with one plaid), solid papers, and watercolor papers. I'm using it for my WLM 2019 blog train layout!

Thank you, everyone. smiley

Amazing contributions....thank you so much to everybody!

Very cute entries this month, everybody!

Not sure where to post this, but the link on the Pixelscrapper home page is still going to the January blog train.

@Celestine: Updating the link. Thanks!!

Wow! I love all the different takes on the theme. Finding a lot of things I can use for scrapping pics of my nephew, lol.

I love plaids too, so I'm hoping that Sunny can add that download. Also, Dawn "Oklahoma" Dawn had some great plaid papers too. Unfortunately when I downloaded them there is no file extension on the individual files. I tried to open them with my photoshop but it says its the wrong kind of file. I didn't see any contact ability on your blog so hopefully you see my comment here. I agree with everyone else that this was a great blog train and I am thankful for all of you talented ladies out there!

In your finder go to the folder and open it, rightclick on a paper and choose 'change name', add .jpg and you will see that the thumbnail changes and you will be able to open the file. I have a PC but I suppose it is the same on a Mac.

Thankyou so much to everyone who contributed to this blog train. I love all the kits, now to find my zoo photos smiley

Thanks to everyone who participated. Love the colors and the variety!

I love the work everyone put in to February's train. I have one other zoo kit that I have used more than anything else. I love the new colors and opportunities (and the excuse to make a trip to the zoo).

@Robyn Denton .. thank you so much for your gracious reply, and for the info! I will certainly avail myself of your kindness, as I love your pieces smiley And I do apologise, I must have had a bad case of the grumps!! smiley