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That's really cute! smiley smiley

I am SO EXCITED for this theme and color scheme.

Here is a preview of mine:

ROFL! Hahahahaha! Phyllis, this is awesome! Fantastic!

I'm still working on my bundle, which will have 48 kits in total [1 alpha, 30 elements kits and 17 paper kits]. I only have about 4 elements kits to finish. Because there are so many kits, I'll be doing a daily download on my blog right through February. If you're a follower of the Scrap Twist blog trains, you'll be familiar with this concept, as I have done a few of them before. Basically, if you visit my blog every day in the month, you'll be able to collect 1, 2 or 3 kits per day until you have collected the entire bundle. If you miss a day - no worries - as everything on my blog is available indefinitely, so you can always go back to days that you have missed. I also give you a printable pdf document at the beginning of the month, so you can stay organised and keep track of your downloads.

UPDATE: All kits now designed, just 30 previews to do, zipping & uploading! Whew!

Really love those curled (enamel?) flowers, Cintia!!




I just realized I didn't put a header on my previews but they are all to be used however you sit fit, with the exception of the native themed elements. Please use those respectfully.

Lovely, Shannon!

Shannon, I love those chipboard? timber? cutouts.

I'm completely in love with this colour palette... everyone's stuff is looking so gorgeous!


I enjoyed this theme way more than I thought I would! Obviously had fun playing with the plaid tutorial Marisa put up recently!

I love your animals, Jill, and those plaids are fabulous!

Thank you Kayl!

Okay, here's my bundle preview, showing examples of some of the items that will available to collect in a month-long daily download on my blog:

[1 alpha kit, 30 element kits, and 17 paper kits, with a total of 621 individual items]

This is such a pretty train, loving all of what I have seen so far!! You all have done a marvelous job!

My youngest son's favorite animal is a giraffe so I included some giraffe things. smiley



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