February 2014: Comments

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February 2014: Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until February 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

It's going to be a fabulous blog train, I really love the colors

This blog train looks as if it is going to be very pretty. The colours are lovely, and the kits that have been put up so far are gorgeous! I'm really looking forward to this one!

Congratulations, all you talented designers!

phew... I've just managed to finish my part, once again right before the deadline! smiley
I did struggle a bit with this theme in the beginning, and actually started with a Cupid theme in mind, but soon the hearts took over and I had way too much fun playing around with all the glitter. smiley I hope you'll all like it!

I also saw so many wonderful previews in the final list thread and can't wait to start downloading tomorrow!
Great job ladies!

Lovely minis ladies! I did have trouble with 2 though. Melo's would not download and neither would Jennifer t's. I will try again to get them later!

Thanks for the lovely work! I downloaded from

Citrus and Mint
Bits O' Scrap
Creative Bloom
Crafting with Crystal
Honey and Cheese

Thank you everyone who participated this month, I'm ready to download all the beautiful contributions!!

Patricia, I just fixed the download. Sorry about that!

great work everyone! I posted mine an hour or two ago, which is a bit late for me! smiley

Thank you all for your lovely kits. It was inspiring to go through the blogs and see what creative people gather here. I left a few comments on the blogs, but some either didn't work for some reason or required an account that I don't have. So for those who I missed commenting, Thank you!

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Thank you so much!

Thanks Melo! I will go and download it now!! I love it.

@ Patrica,

I just checked on the download - If you select the zip file, and then click on the download arrow at the very bottom right hand of your window, the zip file should download ok for you.

Patricia is unable to download my kit - she gets a message that an unknown error has occured. It's working fine from here, which doesn't help smiley
Has anyone else had trouble downloading the file? http://www.jenniferscraps.com/2014/02/01/be-mine-february-blog-train-2014/


WOW! Another Huge train for everyone to collect beautiful goodies from!

My part is live now. Sorry it's a little bit later in the day than usual.
I was dealing with some Photoshop and computer issues...ugh!

I haven't had a chance to download any of these gorgeous contributions yet...but I will
certainly be doing that soon! I love all the beautiful previews, so I'm sure I will be collecting
most of these and will have a blast doing layouts with so much to choose from!

Thank you all so much for your hard work, beautiful and generous contributions, and for making
this train the biggest, most varied I've ever seen! smiley

Mine is up ladies. This is Awesome Blog train. Beautiful Collection. I tried to Link all the ladies names on my Blog and then I linked them to all there Blogs one by one except for a few I didn't have. So if you want it Marsia. I have it here : http://p4ds28.blogspot.com/

@ Patricia

I just uploaded the file directly to the blog - try this link: http://www.jenniferscraps.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/PSFeb14_jenscraps_BeMine.zip I posted the link in the comments of the post, but not on the actual post. I'm not supposed to use the site for file sharing, (which is why I've got everything over on google drive) and I suspect 100 folks downloading this would cause the web host to wonder smiley

I'm still trying to figure out why it's working for some and not others...


I also tried to leave some comments on the blogs, but mine didn't work either on some (and I have an account). So thanks to everybody that contributed this time. I saw some awesome elements and papers!!!

Thanks to everyone who contributed these amazing freebies. I can't wait to scrap with all my new goodies.

Great kit ladies,can't wait to download.
It's nice to see how different we all are in the things we create for our parts and the different designs we creatively think of.
While i have the time,I am going to stop in and say hello to some of you.

The train has left the building.LOL!!

Thanks Jen - I got it from there. Don't know what the prob is with the Google Drive - I have tried the d/l about 6 times but no deal. Guess Google just doesn't like me, lol!

Very lovely work, ladies. Thank so much for sharing your talents!

Instead of watching the Superbowl I'm traveling the train! Thank you to all the designers for creating these beautiful kits and sharing them with us. You are truly inspiring! I actually participate this month as a first time hobbyist designer!

Love the colors!

Wonderful train - well done everyone! I'm still getting problems downloading Melo's little felt monsters but I shall persevere - they are too cute to leave behind!! Huge thanks to all involved.

Can't wait to take a closer look at everything soon! Great job everyone!

Thank you everyone for their contributions, I'm done collecting them smiley

Off to collect all of these now that I have a few minutes. I have looked at the preview files of them all! So impressed with all of the work and effort put in to these. They are stunning. Thanks everyone.

thank you everyone! smiley so much fun! smiley

Beautiful blog train.. Thank you so much everyone!!! Can't wait to get started.

Wow! So many great parts to this train. Thank you all. Now I will spend forever unzipping lol!