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This Blog train idea is really cool and I'd love to download some of the art people have produced but when I attempt to download from their blogs, my security software goes crazy! Lots of threats identified and viruses blocked - does anyone else have this problem? I'm afraid to download anything and whole bunch of pop up windows appear - crazy! Any suggestions?

@Carla: I am almost sure that no one has attached virusus to the kits. Most of the download sites are safe but I know from my experience that some sites have a lot of rubbish on them. I often download kits and check for virusus before I unzip and I have never found anything. So I think you can put your security software a bit lower if you are going to give it another try downloading. Don't forget to put it on again when you are done. Maybe Jordan can help with how to do that if he has any time. smiley


Thank you for hosting this train and your contribution. I loved your varied hearts and arrows. They would make Cupid 'green-eyed'.

Amazing work everyone! I am continually amazed by the talent and generosity of all you wonderful ladies that participate month after month! Thank you so much for your beautiful creations!

Carla- it may just be my observation as a long-time downloader...it may be the host site where the links are being downloaded from. I have problems with Mediafire because they plant so many ads on their page. I too am skeptical when it comes to downloading anything from Mediafire. I pay for 4Shared and SugarSync so I can provide the ad free links which is nice for the downloader smiley I know it's not possible for everyone to do that so you just have to be careful. If you do get any that download, run your virus or spyware on that file before you unzip it...just as a precaution.

Hi Carla!

This usually happens because many of the contributors do not have paid accounts to upload sites.
Those sites have a lot of pop up ads to help pay for their servers...so you can safely lower your
anti-virus software like Nadia suggested. The sites that everyone has been uploading to have been
around for awhile and usually keep up pretty good in making sure that their own servers are virus free.

Just make sure to raise your anti-virus software back up to where you normally have it set, once you
have downloaded all of the kits that you would like to have.

~Happy Scrapping~ smiley

Cynthia Arnett, thank you so much for your lovely kit.

Thank you for your kit and facebook gifts. The flairs are so cute. I love your layout using the hearts from the designers of this month’s blog. Thank you for taking the time to share that layout, it was a nice way of showing off the entire blog train.

Andene Sailors
Thank you for this Valentine awesome kit. I love your rephrasing of the old classic “Roses are red…”, and your unique hearts, the lace and more. Thank you for sharing your time and talent with so many.

Tina Campanale,

Wow, the kit with the gems, papers, words and more, and then an entire kit of word art, and then another complete kit of journal cards. You were truly generous and everything was so cute. Thank you for sharing so much with us.

Loved all the designs! Thank you so much!
now- to unzip, organize and use!

Thanks so much to all the ladies who created such beautiful contributions! Blessings to you all!

thank you very much for all your work )))
and thankssssssssss for your sharing smiley

thank you so much, ladies! You are so creative, and I really enjoy seeing and collecting (and then using!!!) the different kits that come together as a huge kit. smiley

You're very welcome Marie. smiley

I gave up trying to leave comments on the blogs. For some reason, they would not accept my id. I wanted to compliment everyone on their wonderful creations. Everything is so beautiful, thank you for sharing!!

Thank you all for the wonderfull kits you made

Thanks so much, everyone, for the great kits! Finally finished downloading today thanks to the flu, and now I get to unzip everything! Thanks again!!

Thanks for sharing your talent! This is a great blog train!

Wow, this is amazing! So lovely, I got to discover new designers thanks to this train, thank you so very much to all the designers for sharing there work and talent, super inspiring!

Harriett, your kit is so adorable. I love the heart doilies, the heart candies, the splatter papers, but my favorite items from the kit are the boy and girl kissing. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you ladies for all your hard work and your generosity smiley