February 2014: Final List

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Hello Ladies- This is my first contribution. I am a new digital project life scrapper, and just recently started making cards and elements for my personal use to coordinate with some of our activities. I am very excited to learn more, thanks for the inspiration, motivation and allowing me to participate. I would value any feedback you could offer to improve my skills! Thanks again!

My set will be available on my blog on Feb 1.

Just in time. Image is linked (although this won't be up before Feb. 1st). My felt fever struck again... and turned out monstrous! smiley

Available Here

You Can find my set here: ***P4DSDesignz***

Be Mine

Available at Brandi's Creations

Here's my part. It'll be up on blog tomorrow.

Available at Almhoej.com

Here is my contribution:

It will be live in my BLOG tomorrow, (Feb, 1st)

  1. Patron 2017
    1. Patron 2013
    2. Patron 2014
    3. Patron 2015
    4. Patron 2016
    5. Patron 2017

Available on my blog

You can download my part from my website digidewi.com.


Click on the preview to got to my blog

Now available on my blog.

Here is my contribution. We have had some awful weather here in the Southeast US which prevented me from completing everything in a timely manner. So keep an eye out because I am going to finish the rest by this weekend and make it available on my FB page. I will post the link here when it is up.


The links to the above are available HERE on my blog

Just posted my glitters smiley


This is live on my blog !

Also, you can go to my Facebook page HERE and click on the Exclusive Fan Freebie on the top and get this freebie! smiley

You can find my portion of the train on my Facebook Fan Page. Though if you don't have facebook, please feel free to message me. I can easily send a link your way. smiley

Available on my blog.

You can find the download here! Have fun ladies! smiley

Here is my portion; FEB 2014 BLOG TRAIN-BE MINE

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I have to say Melo I LOVE your part, beautiful felt elements I wish I can do that too smiley)
And here is my part. All templates I used in this mini are from Pixel Scrapper because I am too lazy in these days smiley Hope you guys like smiley
Download the kit from my Facebook page;

Here's my contribution for the blog train. Hope you enjoy it.

You can find it on my blog here.
I have added matching solid papers and a bonus cluster on 2/7/14.

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