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Thanks Nadia. smiley

OK Here is what I have...who know's by the time comes it might have more goodies in it...LO smiley

Here's my preview!

Everyone's kits look beautiful! Lovin' all the love. smiley Here's my part. I too could not escape the hearts lol. Will be ready to go on the blog, along with a little FB freebie on the 1st. smiley



@Amanda: Beautiful as always, I love your flairs! ^_^

Thank you! I would've made more, but I'm tired...lol! It's past my bedtime here and I just wanted to get it all done. smiley

AWESOME designs, everyone! It will be a terrific blog train!

Awesome Kit Amanda.

Beautiful contributions everyone, I just love these colors, I can't wait for the blog train to start!! smiley

Here is mine- will be live Feb 1st

Brandi's Creations

Here is mine, a few from scratch this time! It will go live on 1st of Feb on my blog
May be a few little bits and pieces added, I think I am sorely lacking ribbons and strings - but time is short and the return to work looms ever closer as my holidays end!

I should mention, I have figured out how to zip the folders to download - so you won't have to do this individually! Steep learning curve...

Love All these great! Kits. smiley

I've just taken a tour of the kits so far - gorgeous!!! And all so different. I wasn't sure what I would do - not really into the "Valentine - Be Mine" type themes. But guess what? My kit is definitely a Valentine theme. smiley Oh well, whatcha gonna do? I'm still working on it but I'll get it posted before the train goes live. Can't wait until Feb 1 for this one!!

Oh, can't wait till Feb! That shadowed image at the bottom is adorable! I love the way you have used the purple and greens together.

here is my part

It will be on my blog http://scrapingarizonagirl.blogspot.com/

I keep telling myself that I don't have time to do this, and I wasn't drawn to this particular palette or theme, but then......... And it turns out I really did have fun putting this together. Almost as much fun as making real construction paper valentines with the grandkids, just not as messy.

Harriett, this is ADORABLE! Can't wait til the first to get my hands on it.

Thank you, Patricia. It was fun to design.

These are beautiful, ladies!

I'm hoping to make at least a small something to add to the train this time, but I'm still learning!

More Awesome kits ladies smiley

Not much for the hearts and flowers but I am making a paper pack for the blog train. Hope to get it posted here soon.

click Here for my part

This will be available on my blog February 1:

I made a separate preview for the papers since the elements almost completely cover them.

My Blog

Here's mine...

Available Feb 1st at Dreamn4ever Designs.

Well, looks like I will be traveling later this week and part of next week--thus the days around when to post on the blog train list for downloading....so I will be late posting my link. I hope that is OK. Sorry.

Oh my gosh, ladies. These kits are all just wonderful and makes me wonder "why can't I do stuff like this!?" I did make a kit and still think you all make such beautiful stuff.

Here is my preview.

Nice to see you here Cindy! Love the Kit as always. See ya around! smiley

Beautiful contributions everyone, I can't wait for the blog train to leave! smiley

Okay - here's my paper pack. It will be on my blog Feb.1st.

Here's my part of the train. It will go live on my blog and FB page Feb. 1.


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