February 2020 and Beyond Blog Train Palettes

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February 2020 and Beyond Blog Train Palettes

You can vote for as many as you want and the most popular ones will get set as future blog trains, starting in February. I posted all the palettes here if you want a closer look.

Delish image
56% (53 votes)
My Tribe image
My Tribe
50% (47 votes)
Kumbaya image
48% (46 votes)
Vintage Memories image
Vintage Memories
45% (43 votes)
Around the World image
Around the World
44% (42 votes)
We're All Paranormal image
We're All Paranormal
34% (32 votes)
A Love For All Time image
A Love For All Time
26% (25 votes)
Total votes: 94

As an unhelpful participant, I will vote for all these palettes.

it's ok for me, vote smiley

Any thoughts on what "My Tribe" might cover, for ideas? (I know we can do whatever, but it's still nice to know what the thought behind the theme name was. smiley )

I think of family for "my tribe".

I was thinking friends, but family works too!

Great! I love both ideas for "Tribe"

Amanda, you said you were thinking about a food theme for Delish, didn't you?

I'm a bit confused of this theme! any help?


Thanks for the input on ideas for "My Tribe." That does give me a good idea of where I could go with it if it makes it in. smiley

Sonia, I did say I had a food idea for it. "Delish" is short for "Delicious," and when I came up with the palette I was thinking of using a food theme in the decorations (like slices of citrus fruits, berries, herbs, dishware, kitchen, etc.). But if other people want to do something different with it, that's fine.

oh yes, ok Amanda for this thème! smiley

Explaining Afternoon Delight. Afternoon Delight for me means that....it is the time of day that I can usually relax and it is peaceful which gives me a opportunity to do what I love doing the most and that is being creative. That is my passion and my delight.... that time of day just works for me. I understand it can have several meanings for others but to clarify the reasoning behind mine. That is it. All of the pallets are great just felt like I would throw mine in the pot..... Anyway anyone that is chosen each one doing the train will put their own individuality in it so I guess that's all that matters. smiley

Thank you Amanda! Noe, I like your idea for Afternoon Delight!

Oh! Noe, don't be so negative! The poll is so new! Here at Pixelscrapper there are a lot of people and many designers that make the poll and didn't make any suggestion of themes or palettes! And many times there are surprises with the final votes! Be positive!!;)

Hi Sonia it's Nae not Noe but I do have a uncle named Noel....HA HA! I'm so sorry if you thought I was being negative that was not my intentions. I simply was explaining why I had chose the name Afternoon Delight. I felt I needed to clarify it after Marisa said her words on the previous post we posted them on. @Nae: I think I might change your theme a bit, because I really like the palette and I don't want people to not vote for it because they think it's too suggestive. I am not a negative person but I am a strait forward person that speaks her mind.... Like I said I LOVE all the pallets no hurt feelings here and I will make a kit with which ever one wins.... Thanks N"a"e.... smiley

Actually my name is Rena but my friends and family call me Nae except for my Aunt Loretta she calls me Stray.... smiley

Uppsss! Sorry Nae (Rena) for the misspelling and missunderstanding, sometimes I don't understand people's words in English, and we cannot see our faces to know more about ourselves!! Kisses);

...and I am a complete disaster with English or other foreign names!!

I honestly really like them all!!

Don't worry about it, Sonia. Your English on here is actually very good, especially knowing it's not your first language. smiley

I have an editing background (despite being an artist by trade; my degree was actually in English and editing), but I try to be patient with people in forums and other places where I know not everyone speaks English natively. I'm sure if I tried posting in a German forum, other people would be rolling their eyes at my grammar. smiley And any other language would require heavy use of Google Translate for me.

Amanda, thank you!

Sonia and Amanda smiley , sorry the ideas thread is locked by now so I am catching up here, if slightly singed. It sure seems that whenever we talk about colors here for upcoming blog trains I am experiencing some sort of tech issue that keeps me off line, now ... the fires.
Out-of-gamuting even from here must be my very own super power .... thanks so much for having a look at the 2020 colors. Love the swatches you presented! Your mint-coral palette for a pet theme is just so cute, Sonia.

I hope you're doing okay, Bina.

I do wonder sometimes about what might trigger an out-of-gamut warning. I just know that the brightest colors (namely the orange and peach and turquoise) showed as out-of-gamut, so I adjusted that before making the palettes with Pantone colors. I would think that the Sherwin-Williams color snap suggestions would also be in gamut, but had to make some tweaks there too. Mostly in the red to orange range and turquoise, it seemed. It could be that my printer's color profile is slightly more restrictive, or perhaps the working profile I'm using in Photoshop. I'll have to look into that one.

Bina, I hope you are well, I was worried when I watched the images.

Bina and Amanda. Don't worry about the color gamut-issue. It's a very controversial issue. Here at Pixelscraper we have had a lot of forums threads talking about gamut, just if you want to take a look, and we haven't found out the reason (some say it's a printer prob, other the Photoshop configuration.... What I do is to change RGB mode to CMYK mode and then turn to RGB mode again. The pity is that some colors change substantially... there is no place for bright colors like orange or turquoise, like Amanda said. But this mode change in photoshop is a trick!

@Nae: I'm not sure how widespread the sketchy meaning of "Afternoon Delight" is, so it easily might be more limited than I realize. But I still try to cut off anything that might be an issue before it becomes an issue. Keeps my life easier. smiley

@Bina ~ Stay safe! smiley

And I do what Sonia does for Gamut. Outside of that I don't worry too much about it.

@Nae ~ Your theme made me think of Afternoon Tea. Lovely colors and would work quite well. I'll admit I never realized there was a double meaning, however this is completely normal for me loL! smiley

smiley No worries, I am all good -which is way more than a lot of Queenslanders can say- and got out of Dodge.

I didn't know there was a risque meaning until I googled it for ideas and found out about the song. Go figure.

Sorry to ruin everyone's innocence! I'll keep my thoughts to myself next time smiley

Marisa, you crack me up! Hehehehehe!
Bina, I'm glad you are safe!

Nah, Marisa, Google ruined it for me (after all, it was my idea to see what ideas and inspiration came up when I searched the title). smiley

But maybe we should use this chance to take back the phrase and give it a new meaning. smiley

TY, Lisel! It is quite devastating for many people.

smiley TY, Sonia!


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