February 2020 Blog Train - Working

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February 2020 Blog Train - Working

The February 2020 blog train is Delish!

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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Since Sunny said she was taking a break, I figured I might help out with this part. smiley

ACO File

Thank you, Amanda. smiley
This is more a foodie theme then, right?

Food-inspired, yes, though you can take that any way you want.

smiley Thanks, Amanda.

We have a very diverse audience, so yes, delish is short for delicious, and is also the catch phrase of the famous chef, Rachael Ray! I'm not a fan or anything.... smiley she has a TV show, line of dishes, dog food, magazine, cook books and website... for inspiration:


I am familar with this merch, Rachel, thanks. No fan either. We use delish nonexclusively for food tho, lol. smiley The colors looked foodie and mine turned out a bit dinery.

I like it, Bina. smiley

Thank you, Amanda. I stopped after one hour (excl. the PV) but I added one or two things by now.

Thank you and Lisel and Sonia and Jessica and Nae and everybody else for their thoughts and caring concerning the Queensland&NSW fires, in this locked thread, smiley much appreciated. The trick is how to fall asleep with the smoke.......

I also found a tut on gamut fixes, it is a pdf that dl's here.

The colors made me think of love.. but I threw a few food items in.

Added some inspiration pieces to the Pinterest Inspiration Page.


Can't believe I have this one done already, but an idea popped into my head and I had to run with it before my poor old brain forgets it by the time this blog train rolls around.

Being as this is a February blog train, I decided to combine Valentines with food... so for a little extra "something special", I tossed in a simple but tasty recipe for sangria (a fruity cocktail drink) that you can treat yourself and/or your sweetheart to on Valentine's day. You can easily omit the wine/alcohol with any type of fruit juice (cranberry, strawberry, raspberry) if you prefer to make it more family friendly, just be sure to use a fruit juice that's low in sugar because the 7-Up (lemon lime soda) adds a lot of sweetness already. And for large gatherings, just simply double the recipe and put it in a big punch bowl instead of a pitcher.

There's also the blank recipe card included (not seen in the preview).

Looks great, Brenda

Lovely kits so far!

Brenda, I'm surprised! The Sangria is a tipical Spanish drink! I'm willing to download your kit! It's precious!
Bina, as usual, your kit is wonderful!

smiley Sonia, is it off gamut again? I swear I checked twice, lol. I am about to start writing a gamut checker action.
Sangria, looks delish, really!

Bina, I send you a PM, don't worry!

Here is the preview of the two alphas I created for this Blog Train:

my part for this BT
2 previews...only 1 link ... on my blog ...1 February

OK I came up with this. Hope that this works. LOL smiley

I had a lot of fun making my kit! Here is it:

Everything's looking great so far. I'm loving these takes on the theme!

I need to get cracking and figure out how to do what I had in mind.

I have a great idea what I am going to do with this one.... I already started working on it.... smiley smiley

Hey, everyone. I'm not feelin' this train, so I'm going to sit this one out. Actually, I have been trying different things, and it's just not coming together for me. So, I'll just sit back and enjoy what YOU all come up with.

Sonia: So adorable, your kit looks totally yummie, love the loaded blender! I have just finished making one for the Kumbaya train later on but mine is empty not filled with all these yummie fruit. smiley

Bina, thank you! YOU are adorable! smiley

These are looking great Bina, Gina, Brenda, Anne, Bourico, Lori & Sonia!!

I'm thinking of Taco Tuesday for mine tho I know you can go so many awesome directions with this as you all have already demonstrated lol! smiley

Thank you, Jessica, I will be waiting for that taco!

Lisel, we will miss your part! For me was very difficult too, until I had that idea! Cheer up, I'm sure you will find an idea!;)

I like what I'm seeing so far.

Lisel, it's still early. When I draw a blank, I just find something else to do and usually a great idea just sort of slips into my mind from nowhere like a "Eureka" moment smiley

Lisel, I know how you feel. Whenever I'm doing a project, whether it's kits like these or a digital illustration, there's always a key point that has to work for the rest of the project to come together. The main part I was doing for this kit didn't turn out quite how I envisioned, but I like the result I did get so I'm pushing forward with assembling the rest and should have something soon-ish.

I love all the parts I'm seeing so far. I love these different takes, and especially seeing where some of the kits have similarities to the plans I jotted down two weeks ago. Great minds and all that! smiley

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! I'm open to finding inspiration, but we'll see how it goes.


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