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After a veeeeery long time, I'm planning to get back in this blogtrain. This will be on my blog Dea's designs on February 1st.

WOW!! so many previews (and ideas) have been added since I last checked this thread. This train is going to be amazing!! I can't wait.

I am not happy with my kit at all... You guys have done such an awesome job, but I feel like I am all over the place with this one.


Tammy, I love your papers and your elements just melt into them perfectly. Love it!

Cute cupcakes, Andrea.

Tammy, I like your kit! Don't worry!

All the kits of this blog train are very delicious;)

Everyone's kits are still looking great (Tammy, I think everything blends rather well together, so don't worry about it smiley ).

Thank you Diane.

Thank you Amanda.

Thank you Sonia.

I'm excited to see what you all come up with for this blog train. I made each of my kids a Family Favorites Cookbook and am now starting one for my granddaughter. I made the books a few years ago when I was just learning to digiscrap so now they look so neanderthalic. lol
Lisel, delish can also include not only food but kitchen items such as wooden spoons, cookbooks, vintage kitchen gadgets, appliances, etc. I took a screenshot from a layout I did in Picaboo as an example.

Edit to add: Answered my own question. I'll just mark this space for my preview. Excited to be here! smiley

First time in on this blog train. Any requirements on size or placement of the logo?

I have decided to take a break from participating in the Blog train for a little while. Can't wait to see the final lineup.... As always it will be awesome.❤
God Bless

Finally found some inspiration!

I knew you had it in you all along. smiley Amazing how it will just hit you all of a sudden.... You just never really know and that's the beauty of creativity... smiley Can't wait to see your contribution....
smiley Nae

Very nice, Lisel!

Nae, I'll miss your contribution, just so you know. smiley

Thanks Amanda. I did start on it but this month has been such a busy month for me.... Maybe if I get a little time maybe I can find my own inspiration to finish it. I was so excited about doing this one. I wanted to make like a ole vintage looking kitchen and having fresh veggies out of the garden. When I seen that DELISH that is just where my mind went. It took me back to my Grandmommies kitchen and those good fresh veggies she worked so hard canning for all of us. She was one of a kind I tell you that. She has alzheimers now and lives with my Mother. She was one of the strongest women I have ever known. My Mama canned food too and I have but not like my Grandmommie. BUT being honest here. In my opinion that is the best food you can eat.... Good ole home cooked garden veggies. Even tomatoes taste different that is why I plant my own each year.... BUT anywho hopefully things will settle down and I can get'er done.... smiley
xx Nae

SORRY Lisel Rice I was on my phone and it does not show the previews on it.... I did not see yours until now.... SEE yours looks AMAZING!
I LOVE IT! smiley

Lisel, it's very beautiful!

Nae, hope you find time to make your part! Lucky you can eat fresh veggies, you are right, the ones at the supermarket taste as plastic;)

Thanks, everyone! You bless me and encourage me. smiley

I'm still drawing elements and more elements...pretty soon I'll have the whole darn kitchen in the shop! (And obviously, at least SOME of these templates are going to find their way into elements and papers for this train!) Currently working on small appliances and prep tools like graters and juicers...

I just finished packaging up my pattern papers and have a pack of solids finished as well.

There will likely still be a second pack of pattern papers as well as a whole kitchenful of tools and appliances before I'm finished for the month.

@Deborah: No requirements on where the logo is.

Here is my first part ...

still working on the paper packs and some more elements ...

Great job Gonda! Holly I love that it is so cute! I LOVE those colorful papers they are just awesome and you drew all that stuff....WOW! You are awesome! Lisel you are a very creative lady and sometimes all it takes is just a little spark to ignite that fire! I am so pleased you done yours it is awesome! I hope I can finish mine....I am going to try my best to try and do that. Life can get hectic at times and this is one of those times and as always when I am really excited about wanting to do something.... but if it's meant God will find a way.... i'm sure of that. Sonia one of the blessings of living in the South is all that country cooking also fresh veggies strait out of the garden.... I grew up with gardens, and fruit trees for days. My Great Grandmother had every kind of fruit tree you can imagine. My cousin Lita and I used to eat plums until we would be sick.... HA HA! My Uncle Paul even had bee hives and he would let us eat the honeycomb.... The South has its faults but to be honest I wouldn't trade it for the world.... I am going to attempt to make homemade canned sweet pickles this summer. It will be my first try. My Grandmommie did and hers before and my Mama did. You cannot get any better than that. Those store bought pickles is horrible! Since Mama has been taking care of Grandmommie she does not have the time she used too. SO now it is passed down to me.... YEAH! smiley Like this Christmas my Grandmommie used to cook a huge Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner for the WHOLE family (good times) we would all get together. My Aunts, Uncles, Cousins everyone.... Then she got ill and then Mama done it. Then this year she couldn't so Paige my daughter just had to have it....it would not be Christmas without it so guess who cooked it ALL! Yep ME! LOL OH well Paige did make a sweet potato casserole and peanut butter fudge... Lord cooked turkey and dressing, deviled eggs, stewed potatoes, white beans, rolls, homemade mac and cheese, fresh corn and green beans from the garden, homemade slaw, Broc and Cheese Casserole, Baked Ham, Homemade Chocolate Pies, Homemade Chess Pies, Homemade Cherry Cheesecake and then I got the bright idea to get those plastic Christmas bowls with lids and make homemade sausage balls and give them to everyone.... OH LORD I thought I would turn into a sausage ball.... I wont be making anymore until next year I can tell you that. LOL BUT it turned out GREAT I was shocked I was worried I could not pull it all off BUT I did.... SHOCK! smiley But yeah I love the South.... nothing like it. We are BLESSED.♥

Holly, I'm having the same "problem." I've come up with so many ideas for this one that I'm going to have to package up a companion kit for my shop. But I'm having fun doing it.

Amanda, it's one of those things that happens every so often, where either a theme or palette just spawns a zillion ideas and I end up creating a massive kit rather than a mini or set of papers. It happened with the "In the Pocket" and "Let's Get Festive" and "England" trains, and now this one...and the "My Tribe" one may well end up that way too, if I'm not burned out on drawing elements before then and the move doesn't eat half of February!

Well, I think I'm done making bits for this theme. I had so many ideas I ended up making a coordinating kit I plan on putting in my shop on sale for February, but here's the preview for my blog train contribution.

I had a different idea with the fruit initially, but they turned out this way instead and I really like it. The bits in this mini are basically a sampling of the items in the coordinating kit.

Oh, and I included British spelling alternates where appropriate (and where I knew for sure there were alternates).

Well Amanda what a fine job you have done. I just love the colors! smiley Well thank you Ladies you have convinced me that now more than ever I need to get this done.... and I will. I also feel I need to dedicate this to my Grandmommie because if it was not for her I would not know that some of the most important blessings we can receive in life are free. I want to thank each and every one of you ladies for reminding me just what is really important in life and that sometimes even though things might get tough we press on because there are no blessings in defeat.
Thank you all for your generosity and sharing your love of creativity....♥
Now I have to get busy.... smiley

What beautiful words, Amanda! I am happy you will join!

Thank you ladies. smiley

Whee! 2 more template packs into the shop; odds are good some samples will appear in my blog train kit. smiley

Knives and tableware coming up on tomorrow's to-draw list. While I'm sure there are a few food prep items I haven't drawn yet, I'm at the point where I'm running out of time to draw them if I want to get my kit done, especially since I know that I'll be spending the last few days of the month loading appliances and household goods on the trailer for the move. (And I think my printer and 2 of the 3 monitors will be on this load, too, which means a couple of weeks of "OMG, how did I ever live without 2 screens, let alone 3?")


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