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So looking forward to this blog train! smiley smiley

I need to see if I can remember my blog login so I can set up an actual blog post to host the link for my part of this train, so I can show off the coordinating kit I made to go with it.

How exciting! I can't wait to see the end result....♥

Hi everyone

Your blog train previews all look amazing.

This is my first time trying to contribute to the train, so please be gentle. I’ve made a kit with a lightly patterned paper and some journal cards with two add- on kits: one in English and one in Greek. I hope someone finds them useful.

I tried to add previews - but I store my photos on dropbox and it doesn't seem to work - the help topic in the "getting started" forum doesn't seem to answer this...

I've added links to the previews instead

the kit is here

the english language addon is here

the greek and dual language addon is here

Hi Kat,

your kit looks also amazing. smiley
Funny, it seems like we both use the same chef's hat for our contributions.

Funny, it seems like we both use the same chef's hat for our contributions.

Well spotted!!

Thanks for your lovely comments ❤️

Hi Kat your kit looks amazing. To add the pic all you have to do is click on the pic picture at the very top of your reply box it is the first thing up there then paste the link to the picture of your scrap (which you get by right clicking on your photo and copying the (Image Address) and input the size of it. Then hit ok.... wah lah there you go.... smiley
hope that helped.♥

Thanks Nae,

That's totally weird cos I did that and got a broken link thingy. let me try again

yay!!! ok so I had to "copy image location" and not use the link that dropbox generates. in case anyone else has a similar problem. what a pain in the posterior. anyway: here are the others:



I really like the swatch and made a few add ons that are not part of the train tho there is a lil delish freebie on my blog now.


I'm new here, but the blog trains sound like fun - where do I find out how to join in and what I need to do? Thanks x

Claire, to join in you just make a kit and post it to the working thread (if you want to preview it), or to the blog train thread itself when the train thread is posted at the end of the preceding month.

For guidelines, this stickied thread at the top of the blog train forum will give you the basic run-down of what your kit should have (anything not mentioned is up to you, and even the guidelines seem to be a bit flexible).

Fab, thanks Amanda


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