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Cintia - If by never using flowers, you mean the 3-D ones, I never use them either (I scrap hybrid & 3D things don't print well). I'm the one who suggested a flower theme because I have lots of perennial flower beds & every gardening train & kit I've seen always ends up about vegetables. I do grow both veggies & herbs but my true love is growing perennial flowers (I love cottage gardens, though mine never seem to end up quite like that). It's almost impossible to find scrapping supplies about perennial flower gardening (growing plants from seeds, weeding, what blooms when, things like that) so my specific request would need to be fairly flower heavy because I really want kit(s) about growing flower gardens (though leaves & botanical prints & seed packets, things like that could leaven the flowers).

That said, my idea hasn't been chosen (yet, I still have my fingers crossed) so it could be tweaked to include herbs if that might helps (but not, I hope, vegetables because I have way more kits about veggies than I am ever likely to use, especially since the only things I grow well are bush beans & tomatoes so most parts of the veggie kits don't apply to my gardens). I'm open to any ideas about how to make the theme about flower gardening but also broader so you, & others who don't use/like flowers, might find it useful.

BTW - I do grow wildflowers in my perennial beds so those definitely should be included. I tend to grow a combination of heirloom varieties & modern so vintage images would work perfectly.

Hi Sarah, I tend to not use flowers in general in my LOs ( Something of a personal preference, I guess...) but I like them! And I agree with you, it should not be about vegetable gardens at all- They seem, to me, closer to cooking/ kitchen kind of kits! ( You know, in Portuguese we have a different word for vegetables gardens (horta) and flower gardens (jardim) so I guess that contributed for me to not even think of that possibilitie!) LOL! Thanks for the enlightment! Now to think of broader themes...

Cintia - I love that Portuguese has different words for the two types of gardens - it sure makes it clear which you're working in! I wish English did the same but because it doesn't, I'm borrowing the Portuguese words, at least for use in my planning notes & scrapping. Thank you so much for the information & the new-to-me words!

Here's what I've come up with so far. Let me know if you want some changes before I put up a poll:

Karen, we did a fitness/sports train last year. I think it was called Keep It Moving, or something like that. smiley

What is the "Roar!" in reference to? The colors make me think of Katy Perry's song, but I doubt that's what the reference is lol!

Also, I would love a richer brown in the Mug and a Book- old books tend to be dark brown. smiley

If not mistaken its the Dinosaur theme? This is what I thought as Kayl, Rachel, Sonia and Dawn mentioned the dino theme. Loved Dawn's palette for that btw!

And I know I will struggle with the Mug & Book palette. If we end up with it I will probably have a very neutral colored kit. The colors for Feb were more bookish to me. But Ive learned I'm a real odd duck when it comes to colors. smiley

I thought Roar would be a bit better for a theme because it opens it up for interpretation: dinos, monsters, animals, Katy Perry...

Oh ok...I had no idea on the Katy Perry reference but my husband informed me she has a song called Roar. { And now everyone knows how little I listen to the radio smiley }
And I also see why you added the colors you did....leaving it open to other interpretations.

I love them all, Marisa!! And the "Roar" title is perfect!! it is open to monsters, and I'm willing to make a kit of monsters!!

I LOVE the dino theme changed to Roar!! and my other favorite is of course the flower power theme. Of the remaining themes I'm torn between Oh the Places you'll go and the 50's/60's theme. I admit, though I read a lot, I have no idea what I would do for the Mug and a Book theme

I love all of the themes & palettes Marisa posted - apart from A Mug And A Book! Although I love reading, I'm the odd-man-out wherever I go, in that I dislike hot drinks like tea, coffee & hot chocolate, etc. I don't find that particular palette inspiring at all, for some reason! I want to do more blog trains here this year, so I would be happy with ANY of the others!

I adore them all! Can we use them for the next five months instead of just the next three? smiley

Robyn, it doesn't help any with the palette but my husband eats ice cream out of a mug rather a bowl (apparently it's a "camping thing" per him). And he's been known to do so while reading... smiley

Thats funny Sarah! I eat ice cream out of a small teacup - so not quite a mug but definiatly prefer my teacup over a bowl. Totally unclear when I even developed that preference. smiley

That struck me as funny, Sarah & Jessica! But then I thought about it, and it actually makes sense - a bowl can get pretty cold to handle, so you could hold the handle to stop your fingers freezing off!


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