Future Blog Trains: Jan, Feb, Mar 2018

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Future Blog Trains: Jan, Feb, Mar 2018

Let's start collecting ideas for upcoming blog trains. We're looking at January, February and March in the new year. Please share theme ideas, and SPECIFIC color combos. If you leave it up to me you'll just get a lot of lavender smiley

I have a few unused palette from past brainstorms, so I can throw those in too when we get around to the poll.

There was a recent patron request for different types of Emergency Responders that I think could be interesting smiley Holly threw out a BUNCH of ideas as well as a color palette suggestions. It keeps us away from another winter kit and the super typical valentines day type stuff, that's for sure.

As for other ideas:

- Wishes, Hopes & Dreams: a theme of daydreams, goals, aspirations, positivity, words of encouragement, things like that maybe? I really love the color palette of Sheila Reid's Simple Pleasures so maybe something similar to that? Colors are not my forté! Happy to hear other suggestions from people if the theme is liked smiley

- Pretty Planner Party: a theme of all things planner! I know they are quite popular though I must admit I know nothing about sought after sizes. Maybe a planner junkie could fill us in with some basic sizing and desires? the BYB color palette would be fantastic for this, I think.

- Happy Days: a theme of life in general. Colors could be something like...

How about miniatures? For example, fairy gardens, bird houses, tiny houses, etc.
Or, a specific theme like shoes----pumps, tennis shoes, keds, boots, sandals, hiking boots, etc.
Or hats---lots of types of hats out there......
Or purses, jewelry, home decor.....

i am new to designing but i LOVE the idea of the 1st responders as a theme and think it would be fun to try it out.

Maybe a "Serve and Protect" theme? that would cover police, fire, ambulance, national guard or community first responders (UK); could even cover Red Cross and other "local" volunteers...

i am not great with color ideas, but i think it would be nice to stay away from a palette that could double as a USA 4th of July...i would think a softer palette would be nice smiley

What about a "Currently" theme that would include things that go on a "currently" page? (Like currently listening, watching, reading, shopping, buying, planning, etc.) It might be nice to have a more neutral color scheme for this one, but I'd be open to anything.

I like the "serve and protect" idea. I'm sure I could use that with my little boys. They love police cars, etc. Maybe for the color scheme a lot of neutrals, and the red, orange, golden yellow, navy blue and a baby blue to help it not look so "4th of Julyish" like Gina said. hehehe.

I'd love to have a "Enjoy Each Moment" everyday kit with these colors (can't remember if I've checked the gamut on these yet)

I like Erin's idea of an everyday "Enjoy Each Moment" kind of kit and I also like the suggested color palette smiley

As for the Protect & Serve colors - I don't know if you'd really be able to avoid the typical 4th of july colors but as Erin said, adding non-4th colors could help. With american fire trucks, emt vehicles, and police cars you will always need red, white, and blue. For the Swedes, our emergency vehicles are white, blue, neon yellow, and sometimes red or green. Depending on where we're from the colors might need to vary so perhaps this is one of those, 'use your own palette' type kits with some basic shared neutrals? I know those are always a bit tricky to do.

Hi my ideas
1 or Jan-maybe starting new or fresh like new couples first home,first car etc
2 Feb-like um couples in love getting married, having a baby,loving ur pet etc

What about an "Awareness" theme where we individually pick a cause?

It could be anything really but my thought was more toward medical issue awareness such as breast cancer, asperbergers, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, etc. The color palette would obviously vary issue to issue but the idea came to me and I thought I'd throw it out there.

What do you think of this color palette for the Emergency responders? (I did not gammut check, sorry...)

For January : palette "Erin Crouch"
this palette are beautiful colors and thème "The pleasures of winter" ....(sorry for my english!!)

I love the swatch, Kayl. And in Queensland it says January much more than the typical winter colors. January is the hottest, most humid month of the year. So no snow there. I took a look at the colors and I think they would make a great January swatch, maybe with some colors added?
I also love your awareness idea! But the emergency responder idea is also fantastic. That is so unique.Holly's list is very helpful!

I would really love to see a "Birthstones" theme- where the color of the birthstone dictates what your main color is. For example, May is Emerald, so the kit could contain mainly things green. Other than that, I've got nothing. My son is back in rehearsals downtown in two weeks until Dec. 31, so time is not on my side so much these next few months...

Is there a list of topics that were already used for the PSBT? The birthstone idea sounds like great fun, Laurel. Participants would pick a month/ stone?

You can see all the blog train palettes here.

Alphabetical listing of all blog train themes so far (from June 2013 to December 2017) :

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Country Wedding | Crafty Evening

Destination : {Designer’s choice of destination}

Earth Day | Elegant Autumn | Enchanting Autumn | England

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Garden Party | Good Vibes

Happy Birthday | Hello | Home For The Holidays

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Let’s Get Festive | Life In Full Bloom

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Oh Baby, Baby | On The Beach | Our House

Pond Life | Pumpkin Spice

Raindrops & Rainbows | Reflections | Renewal | Rustic Charm

School Of Art | Summer Lovin’ | Summer Splash | Sweet Things (Collaboration by the Pixel Scrapper community)

Thankful | Thankful Harvest | That Teenage Life | The Best Is Yet To Come | The Guys | The Nutcracker



Winter Arabesque | Winter Fun | Winter Wonderland


Marisa and Robyn: Many thanks smiley ..to think about all the blog trains I missed.... smiley
How about a nautical theme for the blog train maybe in March with a maritime red, white and blue swatch?

wow!!! love the palette Bina Green,..... thème winter for january !!

smiley smiley

smiley yay!

Dang, looking back at all those themes, I think I made every one of them. Crazy!!

@Bina, I think it would depend on how Marisa decides to do it!

Also, I was looking at the blog train list and I was going to suggest Nautical, so... great minds smiley

I do like a nautical theme with Bina's swatches, so I throw a supporting high-five that way. I also like Kayl's "Wishes, Hopes & Dreams" idea, with her suggested palette. Our world really needs more kindness and positive thoughts.

Since we are from so many different parts of the world, "Winter" is not always in the early months of the year, but we could do a general "weather" theme, I suppose?

I am throwing more cold weather palettes here, for no real reason -

I smiley love the more general weather theme, Sunny. And the swatches are very pretty, especially the first one.

What about a world peace theme? Janet's newest mini kit gave me the idea...seems fitting in the current world climate.


Maybe for February:

Here's what I was thinking on the palette colors for the police/fire/EMS theme. As you can tell, I was careful to pick enough additional colors so it doesn't double as a Fourth of July palette... with the advantage that it can work for British/Commonwealth countries, most of Europe, most of Latin America, sheriffs, corrections officers, and forest rangers as well.

I also like the first responders theme and Holly's palette. I'd like to suggest this palette for March, or really anything that isn't green or related to St. Patrick's Day.

My mom's bday is in March, and she'd LOVE that palette, Rose, mostly because of the purples! Now we just need a theme... though we could certainly do a generic soft spring sort of thing.

Holly, purples are my favorite, and I like how nicely these colors blend together. It's quite soothing. I like the "soft spring" idea, actually. I feel like there's more freedom to interpret seasonal themes.

I love this one, Rachel. But all the others are beautiful, too.

Here's what I've come up with. Thought I'd post it here before I put the poll up in case we need some changes:

Marisa, I actually worked with a couple of EMS/fire and police friends to develop a palette that they thought was sufficient to represent their professions. The reasoning behind the golden yellow in addition to the high-vis was that any fire illustrations are going to look really weird with high-vis yellow, and fire equipment traditionally had brass fittings so if someone wants to do something with history, there'd be a defined shade available in the palette. I chose the yellower green tones in my palette since olive drab is a police color in so many other countries, and I was trying to keep it from being too US-centric; the olive and forest green also works for forest rangers. The dark blue needs to be less purply because it'd be used for both police and firemens' uniforms; while the lighter shade is okay for police, it's FAR too light for fire department dress uniforms and most of the local police (the darker navy hides blood better so that the public doesn't freak out and try to rescue them if they happen to get shot/injured!).

I like the Enjoy Each Moment palette, though it's virtually a given that I'll be choosing a subset of it; pastels and me really don't get along. Snuggle Season is balanced enough for me to use. I feel like the Love Knows No Borders needs a light dusty purple either instead of or in addition to that grey.


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