Future Blog Trains: Jan, Feb, Mar 2018

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I LOVE Rose's suggested palette... the last three in your post, Marisa, all seem kind-of "drab"- maybe if another color were brighter? Everything where I am is rainy and grey though, so it may just be my mind lol!

Thanks, Laurel. smiley

Oh man, I like them all. Hahaha Can we choose blogtrains for the next 6 months with all 6 of those?!?! How am I to choose?!

the 'treasured' and 'love knows..' seem very similar to me...even with the green in the second palette...i feel like they would just be an extension of each other instead of two distinct blog trains/palettes... just my thoughts

I agree with Holly's point, as a photographer the red/orange/yellow range is difficult to photograph at times and i imagine it would be quite frustrating to attempt to make a fire representations without more of a range...

They look nice to me. Do we need to vote?


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