Ideas for Upcoming Blog Trains - Starting July 2019

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Ideas for Upcoming Blog Trains - Starting July 2019

I've just started work on the June blog train, which means it's time to get some new ideas for upcoming blog trains! I usually try to schedule three months at a time, although sometimes we end up with more if the palettes are good. So right now we're looking for ideas for July, August and September. Share your thoughts below!

I am a total newbie about how you operate your blog trains, but I have greatly enjoyed many of the selections since I joined Pixelscrapper last fall. I have a suggestion for August, which is the most popular wedding month now in the U.S. Selfishly, I am working (slowly) on a wedding album and took inspiration from the wedding flowers. I just did a quick online search, and they fit perfectly with the most popular 2019 wedding colors, which apparently are various shades of blue and sage green, silver sage or emerald green. Other color predictions from wedding websites list dusty rose and Pantone color of the year Living Coral (which I think was featured already in a color palette?). I'm not sure how you usually take suggestions for palettes, but I have some HEX numbers for the beginning of a color set:
6e8405: floral berries
c7c361: green hydrangea
8ba580: eucalyptus leaves
427f9e: mid-range blue (slate blue?)
91908c: pewter accents
f6f3ea: creamy white peony

Celestine's proposed palette for visual reference smiley

(the darkest of the greens was out of gamut and changed to 6f8538)

Thanks Kayl. I couldn't figure out how to get a sixth color on there. Like I said, total newbie. Plus, I haven't seen how you all handle these posts in the past. Again, much appreciated.

@Celestine, not a problem!! You can see an old "Ideas" thread here if you'd like to take a peek. The thread is closed now but still available to browse smiley

Aaahhh.... That was super helpful to see Kayl. Thanks again.

I love the idea of a wedding themed train! Could we add a darker olive green and a darker slate blue to that palette? I don't know how to do the hex numbers or anything.

For July:
Instead of the usual Independence Day thing, I was thinking of warm summers in Italy, vineyards and wine, lights at night on the channels with gondolas.........

Lisel's proposed additions to Celestine's palette:

Dragons and fairies and wizards, oh my!

There was a request for a homestead kit by Marti. Shannon had this nice color palette:

and Dawn already did a terrific job and designed a whole kit.

I love the colors, so maybye this is something for the August or September Blogtrain?

Ooooo... I love that colour palette Gonda.

Thanks, Kayl, perfect!

@Gonda, I too, like that palette!

I love those colors!

I have no idea what I'm doing (well, I at least knew to check & make sure colors were in gamut) and I've never contributed to this portion of the blog train before AND the pool one might be old and tired (but still useful for summer). But I had to give it a go. The "world traveler" I made to go with Lisel's idea.

I have no idea how to do a color palette and I'm super new to the scrapbook game, but what about a "Things That Go" theme? Boats, Cars, Hot Air Balloons, Trucks, Emergency Vehicles, Bikes, etc. So many options!

Love your colors, Gonda! smiley

Holly offered swatches 2, 7 and 8 for her Valentine Challenge, in Feb. 2019.

Theme suggestions:
unwind, freedom
vacation, the sumer heat
summer festivities, party, wedding

I haven't tied the themes to specific swatches, I love the colors....

I like the themes I'm seeing so far!

Also, I'd love to see someone match a theme to some of Bina's swatches. Particularly something in #s 2-4, because I selfishly want all the teal. smiley smiley

Thanks, Jill, for putting color to my idea! Pretty!

Here in Brazil, July is the coldest time. Then I thought of a theme that might be fun: "Winter in the Tropics" or "Tropical Winter." However, I have no ideas for color palettes.

Holly offered swatches 2, 7 and 8 for her Valentine Challenge, in Feb. 2019.

swatch 1 : the summer heat
swatch 2 : unwind
swatch 3 : freedom
swatch 4 : travel
swatch 5 : beach
swacth 6/8: summer festivities, party
swatch 7 : wedding
swatch 8/6: vacation

Swatch 6 and Swatch 8 can be merged.

And what do you think of these colors? Maybe we could make a tropical winter/ north hemisphere summer sort of theme?

Bohemian Rhapsody (with gold accents):

I love Bina's swatch 7, was thinking maybe "Midnight at the Copa Cabana"...

How about some sort of outdoor/nature theme... maybe something like camping, or something to do with lakes, fish, etc...

Oh Brenda, I love your palette and theme. I would love to do something fantastical!

Love this swatch, Rachel.

Outdoor sounds awsome, Tammy. smiley

Hello!, So far there are so many ideas and colors!

I like the wedding theme and Kayl palette for it

Although the teal color is one of my favs, I think we have used it too much (april umbrella weather kit and storytelling for june) so in my
opinion we need more vibrant colors like red or dark pink, and more blues... So far my ideas:

-June - Wedding (Kayl palette) I would add a brown (just my opinion)
-August-Bohemian Rhapsody palette or Bina's swatch 8 and the theme can be one of those you proposed (tropical, travel...)
-September - Gonda's homestead colors. This colors can suit perfectly with an outdoor theme or a "bye bye Summer"



I'm going to throw my 2 cents in again.

I've been participating in blog trains here since 2014 and I can't remember a time that we've done something like a fantasy theme with fairies, elves, dragons, etc. Though the title of the theme might at first seem like a "book" theme, it definitely doesn't have to be. For example you could draw inspiration from characters in fantastical books such as Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, and others or characters from nursery rhymes/stories such as The Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, etc. My goodness the possibilities are abundant and with the same palette, elements and papers from the many different interpretations could interchange easily. Okay, can you tell I am excited about this theme? smiley I truly hope this theme is chosen along with Brenda's palette in post #9.

Obviously I love the Homestead theme and palette Gonda mentions in post #10. Though I just finished posting over 140 elements and 27 papers using that palette and theme (which is available in the Commons), I can still do more because I finally had to quit adding more and more elements and papers.

I like these two themes because as I mentioned, these aren't themes I can remember doing, at least not recently.

I also love Rachel's palette in post #23; the pinks aren't colors we have used much, and the Boho theme would be fun, or a summer party theme with this palette?, though Boho could encompass a summer party theme.

There are a couple of requests by our Southern Hemisphere friends for a winter in the tropics theme, would Bina's #6 palette work?

So, my 3-4 choices would be Winter in the Tropics for July, Boho for August (because the colors are still summer but they are cooling down), Once Upon a Fantasy (maybe instead of Once Upon a Time?) for September and Homestead for October.


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