Ideas for Upcoming Blog Trains - Starting July 2019

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I like where you are going Dawn, I second everything you said! ;D

My vote for a fantasy theme too!

I am loving the following colour palettes, Wedding Theme for Aug sounds amazing (and its when I get to say 'I Do').

July, Summer time

Aug, Weddings, Closet match I can find to my wedding colour palette


OOOooooo I love these palettes! Especially the one for August, congrats by the way!

Dawn, I think the fantasy theme is an awesome idea, as well!
I'd love to see some realistic looking dragons, not just the cutesy ones. Although, the cutesy ones are "cute" too! LOL
Inspiration could come from fantasy games, too!
World of Warcraft, Path of Exile, etc.
Literary works are great----or movies, Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson series, Vampire Diaries (hey, that's fantasy, right?), Twilight series (my favorite!), Harry Potter......

Dawn, great picks ... smiley

I love the palettes und themes too and the fantasy theme sounds like a lot of fun to me.

I'm going to second everything @Lisel said. Especially for realistic dragons and pulling ideas from fantasy books. Lord of the Rings is practically my literary love language. smiley (Though I do also love Harry Potter.) It would probably also be great for Renaissance Faire season!

OOOooooo! Renaissance Faire is a GREAT idea! My husband and 16 yr old son and I have been getting costumes ready for one this year! We are so excited for it, and I haven't scrapped all the photos I took last year, either! I would LOVE stuff for that! AWESOME idea, Becky!


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