Ideas for 2019!

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Ideas for 2019!

It's time to make some plans for the January, February and March blog trains of 2019! Leave your ideas for themes and palettes below.

How about a spring cleaning theme for March ?

I don't have color palettes, but my idea is to go for something out of the ordinary:

January: Science Fiction Day (you know, like generic versions of Star Trek, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, etc.)

February: Umbrella Day (for some reason, I LOVE umbrellas! And there are so many cool ones out there! Not all umbrellas are for rain, either! They can be props, they can be wedding decor, they can be for heat, etc.)

March: International Day of Forests (I love trees; viewing them as they fly by when looking out a car window, climbing them as a kid, watching their leaves bud, bloom, change color, etc., the shade they offer, the support they provide.....)

I love the science fiction idea!!

Thanks, Marisa! It's actually a US holiday in January, and the February and March ideas I had are actually holidays in those months, too!

Science fiction is a great idea!!

LOVE the sci-fi theme idea!!

Fitness, health, lifestyle.
Maybe with an individual awareness twist (came up a couple of blog trains back... cannot recall by whom tho...) such as diabetes etc.....

Writing, journaling, story building, a prompt-ish kit that focuses on journaling.....

Love sci-fi, too!

Health & fitness is a great idea, too!

i like the Sci-Fi and writing/journaling ideas.

Ha ha! I love your colour names, Sunny!

Here is a suggested palette for an "Umbrella" theme, suggested by Lisel......

Suggested palette for Journaling Prompts/Writing..........


I love the Science-fiction too!

For february my idea is Mardi Gras:

For January "Science-fiction" my color palette option:

And I like Journaling prompts or Storytelling, my color idea:

Love the palettes, Sonia! All three are fun

@Brenda - I love your Spring Cleaning theme & colors!
@Sunny - Oooo I love your palette for the Journal/Writing one!
@Sonia - Love your Storytelling one too!

Love all of the swatches! smiley smiley and
Erin Crouch posted this here swatch some time ago, saying ''Walk on the Wild Side (zoo theme): I love the redish-orange with the olive green. Maybe add in another color, like a mustard yellow and/or a brighter green and a darker brown and gray. ''

and Sunny Faith Rush posted this one in the same thread

Ooohhh, I adore these Erin Crouch colors, Bina!!

Give us a theme idea for it please!! smiley Maybe the "journaling" one??

smiley Sonia: Oh yes, journaling sounds great! Thank you, Sonia.

OHhhhhh.....these more vibrant colors are SWEET!!!!
Sunny, I especially like your umbrella palette----for that theme!
Sonia, your palettes for Mardi Gras and Sci Fi are both stunning!

I love all of the palettes posted!! I feel like I'm a broken record because I always say themes are hard for me because I don't really design or scrap based on themes, but there it is again, lmao!

That's 8 palettes right it seems like everyone likes them, that means we at least have colors to work on through August 2019!!! OMG 2019! It feels insane to type that out. Now we just need to assign a theme to the ones that don't have them and then vote on which months are which!

Oh, I hope Sonia's Sci Fi palette is a favorite!
I think it would be AWESOME for that theme!

Vote here! I've set it up so you can vote for as many as you like and we'll go from there.

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