Ideas for February 2020 and Beyond

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Ideas for February 2020 and Beyond

Leave your ideas and palettes for February and beyond below.

Here are some ideas I had for palettes. I couldn't think of names for two.

(I was thinking a food theme for this next one; the inspiration was a neat photo of citrus fruits)

Oh my.... what a great set of palettes Amanda, each and every one of them are gorgeous!

I like all the palettes, too! Maybe a theme for the next to last one could be "Winter Blues", and the last one could be "Dusty Roses".
And, I LOVE the "Vintage Memories" theme, am thinking of vintage winter theme, vintage carriages, big hats, etc. Everyone else might interpret "Vintage Memories" as something else, but for me, that's what I think of.....with the palette, too! smiley

Thanks, guys. smiley Lisel, I like your name suggestions.

Hello! I like the two first palettes and themes "Vintage Memories" and "In the garden". Thank you, Amanda for your ideas and palettes!

On the other hand, Lisel, I think that we have the "Hot Cocoa and Sweaters" blog train kit on January, so another winter kit maybe is too much...but that's my opinion. I agree with your idea of "Vintage Memories", though!

I took a look to a website with a calendar of all the cellebrations, and it was funny! There are a lot and gave me many ideas:

-Ground Hog Day (only february)
-Women doctor day -- we can make a kit related to Doctors, not just related to this cellebration but more "open"
-Periodic Table Day -- what about a Scientist kit? I imagine vials, bottles with colored liquids, a "foolish" scientist...
-Make a friend day --- a kit about friendship
-Love your pet day -- in this case, furry friends for instance (I would love to make a kit of cats!)
-Dress Day- a girl/woman kit, it can be full of femenine stuff (perfums, cosmetics, etc.)
-Let's laugh!- maybe a kit of encouraging people, an optimistic kit
-Dress in Blue - we can make a kit related to jeans or use denim to make a kit about whatever (no ideas so far)
-Girl Scout/Boy Scout - I would love to make a nature-related kit, something like a camping kit!
-National Paranormal Day - I think last year we made a kit about the space, so in this case we could make something related to Zodiac or mistery stuff, a chance to make a Halloween-like kit for those who wish it!

I will look for palettes for them, but you are free to upload your palettes related to these themes if there is any you like, help me please;)

Sonia, those themes sound great! smiley I'll have to poke around later with some color ideas.

I LOVE some of those theme ideas, Sonia!
Make a friend day, Love your pet day, Dress day, Let's laugh! So cool!

Im not good at making color pallets but I do like these colors and think they would work perfectly together. Feb. is Valentines and I think a soft pallet would go over good. Just my thoughts. smiley I also love the Theme Afternoon Delight. *heart*

Gorgeous colors, everyone! Love your theme suggestions, Sonia smiley

I have these Pantone colors 2020, I would love to use more pantone colors for the swatches. This swatch is huge I know. Thoughts?

Thank you, Bina! About using Pantone colors 2020 I agree, I would like to use them so that our color palettes will be modern! The bad new is that some of them have gamut problems... anyway, I have used some of them for the following palette idea and theme:

I thought "Kumbaya" is a title that suits with this theme... we use this word to talk about people a bit hippy and that love nature and folk music! in Spanish is Cumbayá, and the word and song reminds me going to camp sites when I was a child! And this is one of the songs we sang:

@Amanda ~ I especially love your Vintage Memories suggestion.

@Nae ~ LOVE your palette & theme! I don't celebrate Valentine's day but I do think that theme would be quite nice. Looks dreamy! smiley

@Sonia- I love these theme suggestions you gave:
-Make a friend day --- a kit about friendship
-Let's laugh!- maybe a kit of encouraging people, an optimistic kit

Those are some great ideas!

Well thanks. I don't think mine will be considered.... just needed to see what the reaction would be to it..... and I have. Thanks Jessica I tried that's all I can do. smiley

Nae and Sonia, I like the palettes. smiley

Got a chance to sit down and play with colors. Here are three of Sonia's themes, and I pulled from Bina's Pantone swatch for "Make a Friend" and "Dress in Blue," with some extra colors to fluff it out and minor adjustments to keep things in gamut. I think the Pantone swatch is a bit disjointed to use wholesale, but would be a great resource to grab a few colors and then build a more cohesive palette with supplemental colors.

(Didn't include hex numbers this time, because I was trying to get these done quickly.)


Nae, don't worry about your palette, at first it's a bit difficult to show in colors an idea! But I think that the soft colors suits very well with Valentines, though I don't celebrate it, neither...

Thank you very much, Jessica, that's very kind of you! And thank you sooo much Amanda! I love your new 3 palettes! That's very kind of you, too! I just made another palette for "Furry Friends" just in case someone likes it:

So many palettes to choose from! I'm working up a voting poll right now. Thanks everyone for sharing some ideas.

@Nae: I think I might change your theme a bit, because I really like the palette and I don't want people to not vote for it because they think it's too suggestive. But remember, you can always do whatever theme you want!

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