Ideas for Nov & Dec 2018

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Ideas for Nov & Dec 2018

Leave your ideas below for Nov and Dec of this year.

November: "Nature's Turn" (colder days, castle ruins, mossy rocks, crunchy leaves, rainy evenings, sunsets over harvest fields of wheat.......)

December: "Old-Fashioned Christmas Party" (large ornate fireplaces, soft white lights or candelabras, long fancy dresses, feathered hats and elbow gloves, satin vests with pocket watches, top hats & strolling canes, horse-drawn carriages.....)

or "Old Western Christmas Party" (large fireplaces, flannel, plaid, jeans, cotton full skirts, snowy cowboy boots, cowboy hats, log cabins, horses, wildlife, twinkling stars and soft white lights, pine trees, acoustic guitars, campfires, two-step dances......)

Interesting Lisel with the castle ruins. My best friend would love you for suggesting castles lol! Your suggestion for November makes me think of Jane Eyre and the bleak landscapes of one of the adaptions filmed in the moors. smiley

For December maybe we could do a general "Costume Party" theme since my little people will be going to Carnival/Circus themed party it would be nice to have a train with general costume/themed mustaches,and some of things Lisel mentioned top hats, horse drawn carriages, gloves, vests, pocket watches, ect. Things associated with common themed costume parties, balls, reenactments ect.


Fall Festival - pumpkins, hay rides, apple cider, carmel apples, bonfires, bobbing for apples, scarecrow,

A Thankful Season - mixture of all thing autumn and being thankful

Fall's Findings -
Rustic Autumn-


A Sparkling Christmas - Christmas theme all done up in sparkles & glitter

A Child's Christmas Memories- things that children like and/or remember about Christmas...presents, santa, gatherings, tree

Family Traditions - things to do with traditions from all December Celebrations...Christmas, Advent, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc...
List of December Multinational Festivals and Holidays:

I'm always up for Fall Festival. smiley

Oooo......Jane Eyre type stuff would be awesome!

I have a couple of ideas to toss into the hat for December:

An old fashioned xmas (medieval or victorian)...


The bygone days of Bing Crosby crooning out xmas tunes and Dean Martin sipping on a cocktail...

I like Jody's Family Traditions idea since it includes other holidays besides Christmas!

Brenda, I love those color palettes!

I, too, like Jody's Family Traditions theme and I really like Brenda's palettes.

I really like the Greensleeves December palette. And I made Fall Festival palette, although it could be used with any of the November "Autumn" themes.

I love Brenda's color schemes. Castle Jill sounds cool, too! I have tons of castle pics that I could make brushes from.
Not sure about you but I have loads of x-mas stuff already. Judging from my X-mas supplies there is X-mas every month of the year which is true for the PSBT but not so much for the rest of the world.... smiley so maybe we would venture into anything but Xmas this year? Family traditions, festivities, re-enactment, costumes, stage shows in general (lots of school performances on that time of the year) , castles.... , anything else. Just a thought.

Hehe had to chuckle about your comment of the supplies making it seem like christmas is every month of the year. That is probably how my fall supplies make it look like there is only one season - Autumn smiley

Bina, my thoughts exactly! I'm grateful for ANYTHING the designers come up with, but my two cents worth is that it would be cool to do something old or Victorian, or as other people phrased it better-----costumes, not just little kid stuff, but more of a rennaissance (I can never spell that word!) type thing. Maybe a Ren Faire type theme? That way, you can even incorporate fairies and any other mystical costumes.
As I said, anything you all come up with will be appreciated.

I echo Bina as well. Christmas has been done a million ways from Sunday, that's why I fancied Family Traditions as a theme. It could be holidays (not necessarily christmas), it could be annual vacations, it could be a birthday, it could be winter related - or summer related for our southern hemisphere'ers, it could be about winter in general for the weirdos like myself who adore it more than any other season (though autumn is a close second which sometimes hops to first when winter isnt winter-y!), it could be about end of the year stuff, new years maybe, the list goes on. Not to mention, almost everyone else other designer is thinking Christmas around this time as well.

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