Ideas for Oct, Nov, Dec 2019 Blog Trains

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Ideas for Oct, Nov, Dec 2019 Blog Trains

Leave your ideas for themes and color palettes below for October, November and December.

I dont usually get to throw any ideas out there but here are some floating in my head smiley

October - Coffee & Tea and/or Cafe's

November - Jack & Jill (old mother goose nursery rhymes)

December - Sweaters & Hot Cocoa

We haven't done anything "Halloween" related for an October blog train. Starting in 2018 and working back to 2013 the themes for October have been, I Dig It, Pumpkin Spice, School of Art, That Teenage Life (ok I went Halloween theme with this one as "That Teenage Zombie Life), Autumn Art, and Thankful. A Halloween theme doesn't have to be scary/gory stuff. In fact, based on being involved with Pixel Scrapper blog trains myself since June 2014 (oh my gosh it has been that long? wow), I'm confident there wouldn't be any scary/gory stuff. Well, anyway, that's my two cents.

With that in mind here is my suggestion for October

And my suggestion for November

I'm not a designer and I'm not American so we don't have Halloween, Thanksgiving or even a decent autumn (most of our trees are evergreen), but I would love to see something different for Christmas - perhaps monochrome (black, white and grey) with a single colour used as a highlight?
Then each designer can choose which colour they would like to use to add the detail.

Just an idea, but I am sure I will love whatever is chosen. The blog train is always the highlight of my month!

ohh i like the 3 idea, colors palette and title to by Jessica Dunn ! smiley smiley

We don't have Halloween here in Germany too, but now it starts to become pupular.
We have a similar tradition for carnival in february, where the kids go in custumes from door to door in their neighbourhood to collect sweets. But they have to sing a short song to get the candys.

So I think it will be fun to create some Halloween-Stuff, I never designed something like this before.
Than I can scrap my Not-So-Scary-Halloween-Photos (guess where the photo where taken...) again.

But I'm not familiar with Jack and Jill.

I like all the color palettes so far.

I'm seeing bowls of Christmas ribbon candy, glittery ornaments, vibrant decorations, cute elves, and so much more!

smiley I like to start designing with this palette right now.

Changed my mind!
I love Dawn's Christmas Magic idea and those colours are amazing

Thank you, Terri. I actually tried to come up with a monochromatic palette for Christmas as you suggested, but I couldn't get one put together that seemed to work, so I went to the other end of the spectrum. I'm glad you like it smiley

@Bourico ~ Thank you! smiley

@Gonda ~ Jack & Jill are part of the classic Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. They are children's rhymes and songs that have been passed down thru the ages. Pretty much like these for Germany. We have not done a classic nursery rhyme blog train yet so thought it would be a fun change of pace. Even if you dont have kids we have all been a kid lol! smiley

@Dawn ~ Love your "Fall in Love" palette. It's very pretty.

@Jessica ~ Thank you. I wasn't familiar with the name, but now I know what you mean. I like the idea and the color palette too. My kids are adulting now (my son turns 18 in september!) but I of course remember the times when I sang for them at bedtime ...

I am all-in with Jessica's suggestions!


I love Halloween! So I am with Dawn's idea and palette.

I adore Jessica's November and December color palettes, but I would prefer another theme rather than nursery...maybe Cicus?? these" Jack & Jill " colors would be nice to use in a Circus kit!

Anyway, here you are my ideas for November and December:

I love the idea of a Movember theme, and that monochrome NYE palette is great, even without choosing a bonus color.

On October 12 we celebrated in Brazil, the "Children's Day" and on that date we give gifts to the little ones, so my suggestion is something directly aimed at children. Maybe "kids" or "toys" or "gifts". However, I have no color palette suggestions, but I think of happy, lively, fun colors.

For November, I agree with a theme that goes back to men, but with a lively palette too, or perhaps in soft, pastel tones - for men of all kinds.

And for December, I suggest the theme "born" or "baby", in color tones focused on baby showers.

(Translated by Google Translate)

I love the idea of a masculine kit- Movember sounds great and the palette is wonderful.

I am also LOVING the monochrome NYE palette.

I live in a college town and many of the young men participate in No-shave November as it's getting cooler and close to finals. A masculine theme would be fun for that month but could also be used for any time of year.

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