Jan 2014 Palette/Theme Suggestions

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Jan 2014 Palette/Theme Suggestions

It's that time to suggest new ideas! Leave your ideas here and I'll put a poll up soon.

How about 'A New Year...New Beginnings'?

Warm winter nights.

Something with winter and new beginnings!

Maybe a bit softer tones?? 1&2 are a good color combination together smiley

Made a palette with Prima's suggestion:

I couldn't choose between these 3 colorpallettes, so I put all 3 in, it's a bit winter theme

Thank you!

Oh wow! beautiful colors already, let me see what I can find! smiley

Palette #1- cold winter!

Palette #2- a new beginning!

Oh wow, maybe we can make a mix of these beautiful colors?? I see pink(s), "Coral" reds, greens, pastel hues (some light yellow) and a lot of blue's and some light greys, darker greens and bright blue's and some orange. I think that we have like 3 different palettes if we mix all these palettes that are suggested. And end up with 5 color palettes or so?? smiley

This is going to be a hard one for Marisa... smiley smiley

I am loving all these yummy soft colors, particularly Nadia's bunch. I think A New Beginning or New Beginnings is a lovely theme as well. The winter palettes are so pretty, but perhaps it would be better not to have a specifically winter theme; I am not too knowledgable about which seasons happen when and where, but I suspect it's not winter in January for a bunch of our members, and we will have just had a winter-themed kit in December.

Another theme idea:
What Lies Ahead or The Best Is Yet to Come (could be used in January for resolutions, hopes for the new year, but without specifically being tied to any particular transition)

I totally agree with Violet. You are right! Some of us have summer in January. That's why I thought about softer tones and in January I've usually had enough of all the Christmas and celebration things from December.

Can't wait for the palettes and to see what everyone votes this time! smiley

All the color palettes are beautiful! smiley But I am all for the New begginings or What Lies Ahead or The Best Is Yet to Come ( I think those are all great themes for January!) and softer tones because I don't ever know what to do with winter themes... (Where I live there is never winter! smiley )

I´m totally with Cinthia - It´s really really hard to think on winter when you´re in a summery heat wave. For me, the best theme is The Best is yet to come - I can think lots of things to do with this one. And I think it would go very well with any of Andene´s palettes.

I love all the colorpalettes so far and I am all for what lies ahead or the best is yet to come! This is going to be a pretty train once more!

I love all the color palettes!! I'm liking the soft colors and I like new beginnings.

The first palette is SO SO beautiful smiley

I don't have any theme ideas, but I do have a couple of palettes smiley

The first thing that came to mind when I thought about January, was actually my Birthday! smiley Also a lot of my family members have their Birthdays in that month, so I was thinking about a huge blog train Birthday kit with bright colors. Here are some palettes that caught my eye:

But I also like celebrating New Year's Eve and it's an evening where I always take a lot of pictures. So it would be nice to have a nice fireworks and champagne bundle to scrap these pictures with in January! Here are some color palettes that made me think about New Year's Eve:

I also like the idea of new beginnings or new year's resolutions and I love Nadia's first two palettes. That was also kind of the direction I had in mind for the colors. Here are some more:

And here are some random color palettes that just made me think about January for some reason smiley:

I realize now that these are A LOT of palettes and some are a bit similar, but I simply couldn't choose myself smiley.

WOW!! I love, love, love all your color palettes Dewi!! smiley smiley smiley oh, my now it's going to be even harder for Marisa.. smiley
I also like the other palettes but this time I am more in for soft colors mixed with brighter tones.

Dewi, you have just given me palettes and ideas to work with for the next year! For the January train I love the dark colors of "thistle", they remind me of dark winter days and the new years eve festivities. Plus, we have had a few soft toned palettes for the last trains - and even though I seriously love soft pastels, maybe it is time to do somthing completely different this month.

wow ladies, you have all outdone ur selves!
awesome beautiful color palettes!
its going to be a tough choice

A couple palettes I saved.



@Kim: I am loving your palettes also! Nice colors! smiley

Love all the color palettes here. Sharon,... I like the eighth one down on the left. This palette with a touch of green would be very interesting. Marisa sure has lots to choose from.

hi i love them all and new begginings is a great theme name. smiley

I love the ideas of new beginnings/starting over etc and the soft colors with the darkness of "thistle".

Wow! so many colors, is already a hard decision, I won't post any palette, I really like what everyone has posted already smiley

So so many beautiful suggestions. Pleased it's not me making the decision smiley
I'd have to put them all in a hat and just draw one out!!

@Trish: That is a good idea for Marisa if she doesn't know anymore! smiley