Jan 2014 Palette/Theme Suggestions

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I like this. smiley

Love all the new suggested palettes, too! So many I haven't been able to take them in individually. A few people have mentioned Sharon-Dewi's "Thistle" palette and once my eye was directed there I saw that I agree, it's stunning! I personally would love something more multi-purpose than a specific New Year's Eve kit, but even if we went that direction with that color palette I bet I'd find plenty to use among our contributions.

Love Nadia's idea!! That would make a great color palette - only maybe with more than 5 colors? Such beautiful suggestions already!

Well, now after reading all the posts I had to go back and look at Dewi's. I love, love, love the "thistle" palette! And the new beginning theme seems perfect for the new year. It wouldn't have to be a "New Year" theme - especially since a lot of people don't celebrate our New Year; but it is a time of new beginnings with the start of a new year. By the way, my birthday is in January too!! So a lot of us had our "beginnings" in the new year. smiley ooooh, too many "new years" in this post!!!

I like the New Beginnings theme as well. So many colors, I'm happy with anything...lol! smiley