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Great job on the cards, Gina!

Thanks Sunny! Designing is a new and exciting world! smiley

I absolutely love this theme. It's such a refreshing change. The other day, my husband thought I was paying attention to what he was talking about, when actually I was thinking about what a man would want in a scrap kit smiley Not sure if it was something he said, but all of a sudden I knew exactly what I wanted to do. And, yes, he was carving at the time. This is what I came up with --

And this will be the coordinating Fan Freebie --

Kayl and Di - I love what you have done. My father was a wood worker by trade and as a hobby so my thoughts went right away to wood working. This is what I have done so far, but I have another ton of elements to finish. Not sure how I'll finally pack them, but there is a whole month to think about it. Ha!

Great kits ladies! And I say I really loved the "Sawdust is Man Glitter". I'm going to have to tell my husband that one! smiley

Phyllis, I love your papers and all the elements you've done so far. Those are the nicest plaids I've seen yet. Terrific kit!

Thank you Jessica and Diane.

@Diane - I make three of the plaids from an online tool called Plaid Maker. And there is a tutorial for it on YouTube here.
The other two plaids were from patterns that have been on my hard drive forever! They probably came from Deviant Art.

Thank you, Phyllis. I'll be sure to check it out.

I REALLY struggle with the more masculine themes, so this one will be a challenge for me! And I love a challenge!

I agree, Jessica! Loving the sawdust man glitter! smiley

I am still adding embellishments to this kit. But here is a draft preview.

Looking good, Sharon, as usual!

Awwww shucks thank you so much Faith!! smiley smiley smiley

A wonderful set! Class!!!! smiley smiley smiley

These are the elements for my kit. They are actually larger than shown.

Wow Phyllis, I love your kit. I just love it!! Great work. It really makes mine look horrid compared to yours. I shouldn't compare though.

Sharon - Your kit is gorgeous - please don't compare. I love the way you used the colors in the papers, especially that diagonally striped one. And I love, love the footprints. Great job - you have a wonderful kit!

Oh Phyllis, thank you for saying that, it was very kind of you. I know that I shouldn't compare, but I am my most worse design critic. Thank you though. smiley

We all seem to be our own worst critics - But how wonderful to know that it's all about learning and growing our own personal style rather than trying to out-do each other in brilliance. And scrappers have their own personal style too - How nice that they have such a variety of design styles to choose from!

Perfect reminder, Faith. Thank you so much!!

I went in another direction for my portion of the blog train, more of an "outdoorsy" theme. Here is an early preview:

Here is my part!

I love it, Sonia!

Hi Faith and Sonia, you both did awesome work. Great going!!

Thank you ladies, you also did a wonderful artwork!!

Hey ladies! Everything looks so great already. smiley I wasn't sure I was going to join for January but sat down tonight to try and make some brushes, then one thing led to another and voila here I am lol! On another note, I made this darth vader "button" and I am freaking out at the cuteness of it! smiley

Hello everyone smiley
I am new here and would love to create a kit for the Blog Train. Would it be okay if I also did a boy kit, instead of a man - woodworking - tool, type of kit?

Hi Sharon. I think a little "guy" kit fits the theme as well. The themes are usually pretty open for individual interpretation/creativity. I had teen guys in mind with my part. smiley

@sharon, I'm glad that you have joined the fun. I look forward to seeing your design.
@amanda, I LOVE your Yoda button!

Okay, I have made a start and created an alpha! Here is the preview


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