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Here is a glance at my preliminary work - Might be entirely different, come January!

How Pretty, Sunny!

This is my part:

Mine will be on my blog the 29th of December, to coincide with my weekly "Friday Freebie", so that I don't have to do a 2nd freebie that week. (Yes, I freely admit that am lazy! LOL!)

My little part

Here's my part:

Oh, my good gracious, I did not think I would make it this month, but I DID.

This will be live on my blog on the first!

@Rose Fischer, I just noticed that your brand also includes "Evil Genius"! smiley Love it!

Haha, Sunny, yep! Thanks!

My part:

So hard to believe I am getting this here before the new thread! LOL!

Everything looks so pretty!

Mine will be up after the new year on my blog. (But you can totally check it out now for the last few freebies of 2017.)


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