Jan 2019 Blog Train - Working

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Jan 2019 Blog Train - Working

After making everyone vote on all the palettes I decided to go ahead and use all of them. The palettes seemed to have a good variety of colors, and they all received a good amount of votes, so why not!

The January 2019 blog train is Science Fiction!

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here (make sure you are following the board, or else I can't add you).

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Marisa - the swatch says February instead of January

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I'm so happy this got picked! smiley smiley

I would be very happy to get any ideas and suggestions for this theme!
When I think Sci-Fi I think of the shows my mom watched when I was a kid: X-Files, StarTrek, Twilight Zone, etc.. So, murder mysteries, people in space, and time travel? Would robots work? Lol

I really don't prefer doing general kits for the themes (though I think a general kit is better than nothing), I want to play along! I just lack the creative juices sometimes (often smiley). Any guidance would be much appreciated smiley

Kayl, you have many ideas! You can make a kit relating to movies, with cinema stuff, for instance, it will be very nice and usefull to make a Cinema-like kit or a stay-at-home kit with TV, pop-corn... I hope it helps!

Thank you, Sonia! That helps smiley

Kayl, I think Sonia's idea of a sci-fi movie cinema-like kit sounds like fun ! You could find some old sci-fi movie posters and things like that, the choices would be endless.

For myself, I'm going all out Star Trek on this one... yes, I'm a Trekkie nerd (although I can't speak Klingon) since I was a kid back in the stone age. Beam me up Scotty!


Kayl: I think robots would be great for sci fi!

Kayl - your mom watched the best shows!!

in case this gives you any ideas, I'll share my scrapbook pages that have sci-fi themes:

- ROAD TRIPS to sci-fi related places (like Roswell, NM)
- VACATIONS to sci-fi conventions (like Las Vegas; and there's even a cruise)
- THEME PARK visits (and all that is associated with that)
- BOOKSTORE signings to get autographs (books, sharpie pen, photos, selfies)
- TALKS or appearances by authors or actors (on a stage, in a theater)

wow, i'm a geek

and so in my scrapbooks, my sci-fi-related pages have travel, food, and other general elements on them too

Kayl- I'm not a designer, but I am a proud geek. smiley So yes, robots would work! You could also do a more general space-themed set, like with planets and galaxy-looking papers, or go for a kind of vintage/steampunk spin on it to pay homage to some of the really classic original sci-fi books (think H.G. Wells and the like.) I hope that helps!

I'm super excited this theme got picked, by the way. smiley

Thank you all for the suggestions and ideas! I've been toying with the idea of making a robot kit for awhile and I like this palette for it! I also really like the space idea... and the movie night in idea.. Maybe there will be more than one kit! Who knows!

This is what I am working on. Some cute little hand drawn aliens. I think these fit into the theme.

Seems you and I are going in the same direction, Robin smiley I am doing a different style though. Very cute!

Thank you Kayl. They were fun to do. I got a few chuckles over them.

Hehe... If we ever get invaded by aliens Robin, I hope we get invaded by those adorable little guys.

Your creative abilities never cease to put a big smile on my face.


I love those aliens Robin! smiley I'm working on this kit too and I couldn't decide what to do, aliens or robots, or galaxy's... I guess it will be a mixture of all of those.


Maddiesh, I'm loving these papers!

Robin, if I could ask, what program do you use to draw with? I beginning to look into that and I feel overwhelmed and don't know which one would work best.

And, by the way, like everyone else, your aliens are simply adorable and so otherworldly!

Dawn, I use Nova Developement's Photo Impact Pro13
I love this program and easy to navigate.

So cute Robin! And very cool Madeiesh!

I was thinking Steampunk as well, or should we save it for a future Blog Train theme?

smiley We can do one thing without leaving the other... I like Steampunk tho I never seem to have used it a lot in layouts .... Steampunk is arguably yesteryear's scifi? smiley

I guess I took a different route with this theme and got stuck on the legendary sci-i twilight zone and sci-fi movie. I had fun creating this months theme, and am still working on adding more, Here is what I have so far.

Amber, LOVE those film strips!

Thank you Lisel. smiley

I think Robots would be a perfect fit for these colors! Your papers are always bright and useful in many layouts!

Amber, I LOVE the Twilight Zone theme! smiley

I, being a literature teacher who is a dystopian society novel nut, will be focusing on SyFy book stuff! smiley

Thank you laurel. I'm a sci-fi fan, i think thats what pulled me towards my inspiration for this months theme. I am enjoying getting back into creating kits. Somtimes my imagination just keeps going & i can't stop adding more...lol


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