January 2014: Comments

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January 2014: Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until January 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

looks totally gorgeous everyone, thank you!! and thanks to those of you posting early, saves me some time tomorrow/Thursday smiley *I can never wait long to get everything* smiley

P.S. - I accidentally posted this on the list thread, if a moderator could delete my empty post, that would be awesome smiley Thanks!

Thanks all. Such lovely ideas!!!! Happy new year!

Thank you ladies, Beautiful kits!

I just finished collecting the portions of the blog train, they are all beautiful thank you for sharing them with us smiley

thank you for all your part )))))
I love this colors !!!

Fabulous kits - thank you all for participating. I truly enjoy seeing them all even if hard drive space does not allow me to download them all smiley Special thanks to those without blogs/FB that I downloaded from but could not leave a comment - do people like to have Pixelscrapper private message "thank yous" or not?? I am happy to send them but wondered if some people did not want to receive a pile of messages?? Anyway, well done and much appreciated ladies!

LOVE these colors! Thank you!!! smiley

All the parts look wonderful, looking forward to downloading them.

I've just created a challenge if you're interested in actually using them!

I just finished d/l all the kits - so gorgeous!! Love the colors! You all did an amazing job...I feel sort of left out since I didn't have time to participate this month...feels like something is missing! But I will jump on the February train! Already planning my part...can't wait to get started.

Again, great work ladies!!

Such beautiful work by all of you. Thanks for sharing this amazing train, can't wait to use it.

Today was a snow day so I got to go on the Blog Train! Thank you to all the designers for The Best Is Yet to Come. I'm pretty new to digital scrapbooking and Pixel Scrapper. I can't wait to use the downloads and keep learning about hybrid and digital scrapbooking.

OMG! They're all wonderful!!! I tried to leave comments on those I could and/or remembered. I'm sorry if I missed you. These are all great and show so much time and talent. Thank you!

Wow, you ladies have totally outdone yourselves this month.
Can't wait to start creating with this wonderful collab.
Thank you for being so generous with your wonderful talent.
Wishing you all a wonderful New Year...the best is yet to come.

I unzipped all the zips and this is gorgeous. Thank you so much to all the designers who participated. Love the colors and the quality! smiley

I just finished downloading, now to do a lot of unzipping. Thanks so much to all of you who share your talents with you. Beautiful work!

Wow! That was a long train. Thank you all so much. Wonderful job on all of the kits!

What a train journey! Wow! I've done the downloading and now it's time for the unzipping!
I really needed this kick start and I am already inspired! Love all the colours used.Now to think up something for the challenge!
Thanks to all the contributors, everything is fabulous!! Will keep me busy for some time... smiley

I am so loving all the post that I have gotten to view/download. Thank each of you for all your efforts and for sharing your talents with us. I have tried to post to each of your personal site as I have downloaded your gift to us. If I miss doing so please take this as my thank you to each and everyone of you. I pray and wish for each of you a blessed and good year.

A fan you digital talent of which I hope to learn the basics of so I can pass them on to my eight year old granddaughter at my next visit to see her. In my last visit from early March to late May I taught or should say shared traditional scrapbooking with her. She like most children caught on very quickly. She has a rare talent and will go far with this art form. Once she is exposed to digital I truly believe there will be no holder her bad. Thank you again for sharing your talents. I am recovering from multiple strokes and other serious health issues and this has been the main thing that has caught my attention. Please excuse misspellings or strange words that make no sense as I struggle to think and say the appropriate things.

The main thing I want to say is that I am thankful and eager to learn from you.

AMAZING work ladies!! I love all the press the BT is receiving out in the scrapping community at large as well.
Keep up the GREAT work!!

First I want to say a Huge thank you to Marisa and Jordan for giving us the great forum.
It makes it possible for everyone to learn new things and build up a very nice stash of kits and
templates...especially for those unable to afford to buy kits from stores. There truly is something
for everyone here.

Thank you all for your lovely comments and feedback. It really helps a lot to know that those of
us taking part in the blog trains are making so many happy and giving you some inspiration!
What's nice about this is that all of us have our own 'style' and it gives everyone lots of choices
to pick from when doing your layouts. It's so much fun!!!!

Happy 2014 everyone. I'm looking forward to watching this forum just keep growing and growing! smiley smiley

Feel like the white rabbit ...I'm late I'm late and very late this month thanks to all for the wonderful train can't believe I almost missed it smiley

Beautiful, all of them! Wonderful job everyone and thank you!!

These are great kits and from so many designers. Thank you to everyone if I missed putting a comment on your blog. smiley

They are all fantastic! I can't decide which one I like the most! Thank you all so much!!!

So much great stuff, everything looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing everyone.

Only been on here a few days But i am having a blast!!
Thank you every one!!

Thanks for sharing everyone!

All of you did such a great job!! smiley Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us. smiley

LOVE the colors !!! Thanx for sharing

Ladies: WOW!!! I haven't downloaded a blog train in completion in a long time, but you ladies ALL out did yourselves on this kit tempting me with each new post to the train. smiley You should be very proud of yourselves as designers. Thanks for being such a valuable and FUN part of PS here with us! smiley