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@Kiana: That's never nice! smiley Photo's are so precious.

@Nadia: beautiful preview, can't wait to have my started..

I know....I was devastated, but then I decided, it just gives me a chance to make new memories with my family and document them. And this time I have an external hard drive and I've vowed to get them printed periodically. Lol

Lovely colors, I will tray to participate.

I'm struggling to use all the colors. Purple is probably my most favorite color and yet I can't see it with the rest of what I've created... I'm still thinking but here's how it long so far

@Nadia & Jeanet: Great job ladies!!! Jeanet, you don't really HAVE to use all the colors. You did a great job with the colors you used. smiley
This time I tried to make my contribution smaller. Here it is:

Beautiful ladies!!!

Jeanet- what about making your bow, and the word art purple??

Wow, I like all the contributions so far!! So pretty!! I think this is going to be my favorite blog train until now! Maybe it are the colors...don't know.

@Kiana: your right, but it's still a bummer.
@Jeanet: Love your golden/yellow bird! Don't worry, your kit is beautiful. The most important thing is that every kit goes well together.
@Cintia: Love your papers and qoutes!! So clean and fresh!

I'll be participating in this lovely train too!

Kiana...so sorry you lost everything.

I have a tip for everyone re: your photos so you don't lose them

First, re: all of my files...I Always back them up to 2 resources...1 or 2 different EHD...made by 2 different companies,
or 1 EHD and burn them to DVD.

Re: photos...those are backed up like everything else, plus I zip them and send them as attachments in an email to
myself...to 2 different email accounts...like gmail as one and then aol for the other. Most of my family is gone now,
and thru FB, have been able to get photos from family members that I didn't have...so I can't risk losing them. By doing
it this way...I have hopefully found a way to not lose them. I back up the new things everyday before even shutting down
my computer. It only takes a few minutes a day this way and it's well worth it!

*** By the way....gmail allows you to attach files to send up to 25 mb...you can get a lot of pics into one zip file.
I attach them directly to the email and not thru using an upload site...like mediafire, etc. I Do Not save them as a
zip to my EHD since zip and rar files can become damaged or corrupt over time.

Hope some of these ideas help!

~Hugs~ Kathie

Thanks so much Kathie- I don't know why I've never thought of that with pictures, I send myself emails of my poetry that I write all the time. Duh!!!

We do have an EHD now, and I think emailing myself the photos will be a great 2nd backup option!!!!

my preview. This is so fun smiley

looking great everyone! probably won't be able to join again this time - work is overwhelming right now - but we'll see. I really want to try and carve out creative time!!! smiley hope you're all having fun!

so sorry to hear you lost pictures Kiana! that is so sad smiley I have saved pictures to picasa/google and Flickr - and I have an external hard drive, but I do need to come up with another backup that isn't relying on 1 device or "the cloud" smiley I should probably burn some DVDs, that's a good idea whoever mentioned it smiley

hope you are all well!

Thanks Meg. Everytime I've burned DVD's I can never get them back off. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. smiley

Here is my preview. My kit will be available on my blog on January 1!

Here's my preview for January's blog train. It'll be available on January 1st.

I also made a coordinating alpha that will be available. One will be available on my blog and the other on my Facebook. smiley

Wow ladies, everything looks so beautiful so far, I really love this color palette, I will be so happy to collect everyone's contributions smiley I better start working on mine too!!!

I just started writing down ideas/inspiration for my portion and I wrote down the words "sparkles, shimmers, shines" smiley

Can't wait to see them all!!

Three great words Catherine! Can't wait to see them!!

Cintia, I love your flower!

The previews look beautiful, everyone!
I love how you skipped some of the colors, Jaenet, it makes a strong statement!
Sharilynn, what a pretty journalcard! And I love the rest too!

Thanks Melo! The journal card is actually a something I doodled on paper, scanned then colored in photoshop (which isn't that easy when you're just using a mouse lol). Took quite a few hours but totally worth it smiley

It will be on my blog http://scrapingarizonagirl.blogspot.com/ starting Jan1,2014

Love this color palette! I'm a little overloaded doing a CT call now and another train, but I love doing the PS trains so much I am going to have to pull some energy from somewhere! If anyone has some extra energy to share - it would be greatly appreciated -lol . smiley

Gorgeous kits so far!

Here's my portion preview.

I love what you all made, it will be a beautiful blogtrain again

here's my part for the blogtrain

and the papers

Ok ladies, here is mine. I hope you all like it.

@Kiana: Beautiful as always,, can't wait to finish mine smiley

LOVE all the new contributions until so far!! So many nice and different elements and papers!!! You all rock!! smiley


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