January 2020 Blog Train - Working

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I don't see why not, Anne-Marie. smiley

@ Anne-Marie, I made page templates for the Jack& Jill blog train (in October).

Sure! Looking forward to seeing your creations!

and just added these:

Here is the preview of my template for this Blog Train:

Oh my. There are some super cute kits this month! I better get started! lol

Here my part:

Very nice, Rachel, Anne-Marie, and Sonia!

I'm loving all the contributions for this train. smiley smiley

Great colors.

Oooooo Robin, I LOVE your kit!

Thank you Lisel. It was fun. smiley

Awesome shares ladies! TY for your contributions! I have to get busy with mine now.... I'm running behind this month....BUT I shall get'er done. smiley

I hope I will have time to jump on this blogtrain again. I have just started with my papers and have to much ideas - as always.

@Brenda: I love the pattern and yes, please add some Baileys to the cocoa ...
@Robin: I love your elements and the font is really pretty.
@Diane: Oh, I 'm working on something similar ... knitting pattern for my papers and fabric flowers.
Your kid is great.
@Kaye: I like your papers and the idea with the butterfly.
@Lisel: The word art is nice, I always struggle with this because I'm not a native speaker and don't know the
English phrases and just translate the German ones into English won't work.
@Bourico: Tres chic!
@Gina: Can't wait to see the full preview. Looks very cute so far.

I really looking forward to download all this beautiful kits. smiley

Oh my these are all so wonderful! I seriously can..not...WAIT!

Absolutely beautiful. Keep on designing and posting.

Absolutely all very beautiful smiley smiley

Pauline, those papers are so cool! (No pun intended.)

I love the sweater effect paired with the distressed wood. Perfect!

Very nice on the distressed wood, Pauline. How did you do that?

@Amanda - I have template that KimB made.



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