July 2014 Blog Train: Working

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July 2014 Blog Train: Working

I'm going to jump the gun a little here and declare the palette for July. The theme is open, so you can do what you feel like. See here for general details on Pixel Scrapper blog trains.

Would some one mind making a palette with the color codes on it? Thanks!!

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board.

I love the idea of having an open theme! I wonder what everyone will come up with. smiley

Here is a palette with the color codes on it:


smiley smiley smiley

I'm just noticing that this palette works pretty well for July 4th...

Love the Colors and the Idea of a open theme. Me and Kathie might have another person joining in the fun! We talked about a Birthday Theme with Fire works!!!! LOL.... so this would be Awesome! smiley

I hope I have time to jump in. I know what my theme will be if I do...

I like the palette - have a couple of ideas about my theme. Should be fun!

Where do you get the colour codes from? I'm new to digi scrap!

Poodle...Depend on what program you have...But in all programs should be pretty much the same. I use PSPx2 and here is a chart for you to go by. Hope this helps you to understand. Sorry I was doing this fast.

Love the colors! I completely missed the poll on this one.. so great choice ladies!
Wow, July's bt already.. where is the summer going...

Thanks for adding the color codes Sharon! smiley

Hey Lori....looks like we can do our Birthday with Fireworks now!!!!
I hope Leanne can join in...it will be fun to do with these great colors smiley

Hi Marisa...I hope you and Jordan are having a Blast!!! smiley

Love the colors.. can't wait to finish my portion have plenty of time!!

Beautiful color combination smiley
Here is what I created, had some free time today to complete my portion smiley
can't wait to see what everyone else creates!!
★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★

Hey Kathie... On it Girl!!! smiley This is gonna be a fun!!! kit. Awesome Kit Jiovanna.

I couldn't resist and i finished my part already smiley,
Can't wait to see other creations..
Theme: "4th Of July"
• • •

• • •

@Lori: Thank you! smiley

@Samantha: Nice Job! I really love the combination of these colors!! smiley

Jiovanna: Thank you! I love the combination as well, they look so good together!!

Is there anyone out there that can make some glitters for these colors? smiley pretty please smiley Thanks!

I'm back in the saddle! So here is my contribution for July. Hope you like it!!

some of you are really fast with creating your kits! smiley

here's what mine will be:

@Anika.. i agree, i had some free time and i decided to use it to do my portion!!

I've got glitters ready but won't be able to post them until later.

I thought I'd give the glitters a crack, since I've never done any glitters before....

You can find it here on my Google Drive for now.

I will add it to my blog if it looks okay... so everyone tell me what you think/QC it! Thanks!!;)

Edit: I forgot to mention that in that download I have some variant glitters that I mucked around with AND the Photoshop files for patterns.

OK Here is what I have so far...I have more coming!

I decided that the glitters I made first were maybe a bit too washed out.. so here's another version with some slightly more subdued glitter...

Available on my Google Drive here, and it has the Photoshop patterns file, too.

I also wanted to mention that I am making them available now because I want to make sure that you can use them in your parts if you want. smiley

Here are the glitters I made. 1 set of sheets and 1 set of styles.

I'm not in here very often, but I thought maybe I could jump in on the blog train, if y'all don't mind. I absolutely love what I have seen you post in here for the train already, just great stuff. And the glitters are really cool, too! :two thumbs up)

Here's my preview and it will be available on my blog come July.
Let's see if I get this link right. LOL I'm not used to using PhotoBucket yet. OK... it's gonna work! Yeah!! smiley

Hey Cindy!!! Good to see you girl smiley Awesome kits everyone...I have created more...LOL Sometimes I don't know when to stop. smiley


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