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I am almost finished with mine,i went with the 4th of July theme.I will post my preview in the final thread,instead of in here,that way i don't have to post it twice.

I see a lot of great contributions girls,can't wait for the blog train to start.

I love your papers and they look textured (which I love)!

These are amazing Valeria! I can't wait to download them! Beautiful!

Ladybugs have always been my fav too! That banner is to unique! Excellent job!

@Amara..beautiful kit and flowers!!

@Kim...fantastic kit, love the little ladybug and your papers!!!

Well here is my contribution. I am also considering making all of the elements I created for these Alphas available. I created a TON of stuff and I would love to share it all.

@Karry: That is such a neat idea, what you did with each letter. Very cool smiley

@Nathalie: To enter for a chance to win the full kit (Land of the Free), click here and comment on my blog post.

@Karry…what a cool alpha!!! WOW!

Here is mine

It will be on my blog

the mini kit will be on my facebook page under the blog train tab
Arizona Girl's facebook page

Dawn, I just LOVE your Ladybug kit -- my favourite colours are red and black, now I can't wait for July to start!

KARRY, I really like your alpha, but can I put in a request for all us non-US residents? I would love to see an alpha (sometime in the future) in the same style, but not US-specific. smiley

I second that smiley

@robyn- I have another alpha that's "kind" of like this one but it's a steampunk theme if you like steampunk. I have a huge kit that I did for a month long design challenge last March. You can find the whole thing here if you are interested. I enjoy doing them so maybe I will throw another one together for the fun of it that is not theme specific.

@Karry gorgeous alpha's love them

@Karry,those are one of the best Alpha's ever made.
You are talented young lady!!

@Tasanee Beautiful alpha and mini kit!!!

Here is my portion of this months train.


Available link on my blog
www.sarastudio.blogspot.com July 1


Pick it up here now Dropbox

Karry your alpha us truly amazing! You make the most beautiful things!! Can't wait to download smiley

Here's my contribution:

Karry, Love your alpha, so awesome! Then again, I love everything you make smiley All of the elements you made and used look fantastic! This alpha reminds me of something done by crazy4monograms but I like yours because you can tell they all go together. Even without seeing everything that will be available for this blog train, I'm guessing this will be my favorite part of the whole train! No offense to anyone else.. everything looks great so far, but you know there's always that one thing that makes your heart jump a little and your jaw drop, this alpha is it for me this time.. love, love, love it!

Pauline-you make the coolest papers. They are always different.

Debbie-thank you so much!

Wow! These are so amazing!

Karry - Thanks! The first 6 are my own designs. I'll package them up and share sometime. Thanks again! By the way, LOVE that alpha!!!

Thanks Dawn smiley

Love the alphabet Karry. Your work is always great! TY for sharing your talents.

Ohmygosh! Karry, THANK YOU for sharing that link to your steampunk kit!! I somehow missed that, and now I see I cannot live without it. I am totally crushing bad on your skill right now! Awesome!! smiley

@Mollie & @Cynthia, thank you so much for the compliments. The Steampunk Kit is the kit that got me hooked:-)

Still working on mine but I WILL have it finished by July1!! Been a really busy June.


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