July 2017 Blog Train - Comments

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July 2017 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until July 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Will someone please test the solid linen paper download and felt download on my blog HERE and let me know if I zipped my files and set up my dropbox correctly? Thanks!

Everything downloaded fine Renee

Thank you Patricia! I wanted to know that the process that I followed worked before I plugged the main download into the Facebook page.

Oops sorry I posted in the original designer post before I realized I was posting in the wrong area. Thanks everyone! I tried to leave messages individually where I could but I wanted everyone to know that I appreciate all your hard work and love the fact you are willing to share your creativity with the rest of us.

***EDIT: The link takes you to Rose's blog, but not the home page. Click on the home page, and you see the link to download.***

Rose Thorn, I tried to go to your download, but the link took me to your blog and said "what you are looking for is not found".

Everyone, thank you for a very colorful and cheerful train!
You all designed fabulous kits!
Thank you!

Thank you for sharing your creativity and hard work with us! The blog train items are beautiful!

Thank you everybody for all these beautiful gifts!

What a beautiful train this turned out to be. Thanks everyone for your wonderful contributions.

Thank you Renee! All your files work very well! smiley

Thank you ladies! This is a wonderful blogtrain. I love all your contributions! smiley

Thank you Renee!

What a fun, colourful and yummy blog train .. I adore the colour scheme to bits! Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who shared their time and creativity so generously smiley This is a really wonderful community of people smiley Happy July everyone!

Beautiful Train, thank you!

You ladies knocked it out of the park this month! Wow! Great BT!

Thanks to all our wonderful contributors.. ANOTHER FAB train and fun colors !

I've added my contribution a bit late, so sorry! It's there now if you want to go grab it smiley

A HUGE thank you to all of the amazing ladies for their fabulous contributions!! I love each and every one of them!!

A great big thank you to all the designers for this BT.
@Tina Shaw, I tried downloading your part but couldn't download as a zip folder. Do we have to download each item individually?

A huge thanks to all you awesome designers !!!!!
Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

Hi !

I actually have a question about the blog trains. I am very new to this, but I'd like to join the next. Is there an email or something that I could get to know the colors and the theme ?
I'm really excited about this and I already design papers and elements to fit your colors, but I keep them to myself.... I'd love to share and give back smiley

The forum for blogtrains exists here smiley We have the August working thread up already, here.

Currently, we have an open thread where we are discussing theme ideas & colors for the next several months - here.

If you do end up participating, be sure to read the regulations and tips post so that we can all be cohesive smiley Also, this post by Violet really helped me in the beginning! It's a bit of a long read but it's packed full of great information!

Oh my God, Thank you so much, Kayl !

Thank you, beautiful ladies!!! smiley

When I attempt to download #3, it takes me to a strange site and tells me her domain is for sale. Has anyone else had trouble downloading Bourico Casper's contribution?

@Chitra, just hold down your Ctrl button as you single click each item...after you select multiple items. you'll get the option to download what you want as a zip file at the top of the page!

Ctrl + A will probably select them all.

Oh, I see! Thanks, Tina, I will try that. smiley

Thank you, Lisel, for addressing this,I never dis see the messages of there being a problem with my link. The link has been corrected as of today (July, 11, 2017) and it takes you to the blog post for the download.
Although, at current, going to my home page will help you find it,that is because it is my most recent post; the home page will always be the most recent post, so once I make a new post , the home page won't help for this. I, and many others, do, however, have a labels section that will let you see all posts tagged with a particular label, such as, 'freebie'; 'blog train', etc.

I hope this info. is helpful.

It's been awhile since I've downloaded one of the blog trains. This one is a lot of fun and very colorful!

I'm going to start clicking away soon so I can start using. Colors are perfect for all those fun pictures of my little one.

Love, love, love the colours of this blog train. Thanks for sharing your talents, everyone!

A beautiful blog train great kits thank u ladies.