July 2019 Blog Train - Working

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July 2019 Blog Train - Working

The July 2019 blog train is Winter in the Trppics!

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the off-black swatch is mislabeled however the aco represents the "292929" that it should be smiley

ACO File

Here is what i did ( I tried to remember what winter was like when I lived in South and Southeast in Brazil, since now all I have are rainy season and very sunny season smiley )

Love your kit, Cintia!

Gorgeous Bina! Green is my favorite color!!!

smiley Thanks so much, Rachel. I used to think mine was blue but it might just be green for me as well now... smiley

I will take winter in the tropics over winter in Wisconsin any time!


I might like winter in the tropics a few times, but we are looking into getting a winter place in Door County lol!!

I am in the process for gathering ideas for my Hawaii kit coming out this summer, so I'll just add this palette to the list smiley

Weird because mine was always blue when I was younger...

I just planted all my flowers last week and we ended up getting almost an inch of snow a few days ago with temps dropping below freezing overnight. So if anyone living in the tropics wants to adopt me, I've got my suitcase packed and ready to go.

*grumble grumble* smiley

Ooo, Tammy...I like your papers!
Brenda -- Love the Orca and Octopus!

Here is mine:

Laurel, I love your take on this! Beautiful!

You've all done such beautiful work but, Laurel, Oh. My. Goodness!! Absolutely gorgeous!

Brenda that orca is just adorable smiley
That vibrant paper on the right is my absolute favourite, Laurel!

Oh my... these are just gorgeous!!! Beautiful work ladies smiley

love it bina!

Laurel -- Door County is a fun place to visit in the summer, even in the fall. But, winter???? You're a brave soul!!

Aww thank you, Lisel!

Thank you Robyn!

Thank you, Sabrina!

I'm not sure I hit the target with the Winter in the Tropics theme (I started before there were so many beautiful examples to look at!) but I'm hoping this is close enough. I'm similarly confused about what Bohemian Rhapsody but I guess anything music related works with that?

Kit Cliparts: The penguin went to spend as a vacation in Brazil. He took advantage of the winter in the tropics to drink an ice-cold coconut water. The wild animals, bich-sloth and macaw, his friends, loved the visit.

Kit papers: The inspiration was a flower typical of the South and the mountain regions of Brazil (our region more cold), called "brinco-de-princesa" ("princess earring"). Learn more about this beautiful tropical flower at http://g1.globo.com/sp/campinas-regiao/terra-da-gente/flora/noticia/2014/12/brinco-de-princesa.html

Hope you like it.

(Translated by Google Translate)

PSJul2019_TamaraF_Preview by Tamara Fernandes, no Flickr

PSJul2019_TamaraF_Preview_2 by Tamara Fernandes, no Flickr

Tamara, I LOVE your papers!

I'm working on mine, will have it ready today.

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