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Thank you, ALL, for sharing those wonderful kits; they are fabulous pieces by some pretty fantastic artists. Thank you, again!I'm still downloading. Little bit here and little bit there. My "high speed internet" is not that high speed. LOLOL You all ROCK!!

Thank you so much for fixing the link to Karry's alphabet!!! It is beautiful and certainly worth waiting for!

I want to thank everyone for their hard work and for sharing their creativity with all of us. smiley THANK YOU!!! smiley

You know I really don't get the time to download the kits. But the most favorite thing that I enjoy!!! is to be able to create something for the Blog Train to share with you all! smiley All the kits are Beautiful. When I do Download I save to a disc...so when I can use it ...I have it and it isn't taking up a lot of space so there is room to download more! smiley
Glad that you all enjoy! and Thanks to all the Designer's too.

Thank you - beautiful colors!