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If anyone has had problems with my link (which should be a direct download), I have added an alternate link but it only allows 100 downloads per month. I am on a hunt for a backup for these situations. I was using SugarSync until they doubled the price on me this year, it wasn't worth it since I am not making a profit off the kits I create. I already pay for 4Shared but I use it for more than just scrapbooking smiley

My kit is post #3

Oh, and I haven't had a chance to download anything yet but everything looks great!

Thank you for all the lovely parts! smiley

Thank you, designers!


I got the links corrected and hope I responded to all you sent me a pm. If not, I apologize. I also added a direct link here on PS for my download. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks a lot! my due date is very near so this train came just on time!

Thank you for an awesome blog train, looking forward to using it

I think I left a thank you on each of the individual participants of this blog train...if I missed one or two, my apologies but please accept this thank you!!! Love all the stops along the way!! Huge THANK YOU too everyone!!!

I love these blog trains they are one of the best ways to find out all about the different designers. These kits are all so cute, i love going though them all.Thanks!

Anybody know the download links for #39 ?

Thank You all for the great kits...I hope I have gotten them all I had to come back and try to remember which ones I missed the beginning of the month smiley

thanks everyone!! so much cuteness! smiley

so many lovely contributions, thank you to all who participated!

So many gorgeous contributions, thank you all!! x

Awesome blog train once again. Thank you everyone - you are great!

Such an adorable blog train. Thank you for all the truly beautiful kits. smiley

smiley Thanks to all the designers contributing to the Oh, Baby, Baby! train, there's a great many lovely assets! smiley

WOW ladies !!!!! What an awesome Blog Train !! Everything is just so baby cute. Especially love all the Animals smiley
Thank you all for sharing your wonderful talent with us .
Can't wait to see what next month will be.

I'm really glad that I came to this thread. I have never seen this forum used as a place to 'call out' designers before. A private message or email, or even a comment on my blog (of which I received none) with your desire to download the kit, but not from my store would have been nice. Thank you to the over 200 scrap-happy people who did visit D2A though. I have 27 free kits in my store and 22 of them are mine. I will continue to do blog-trains, collabs, and kits with lots of freebies attached and direct you to the store to get them. It is only fair to the designers there to direct traffic to the store so that on the off chance, someone might see their kits they might buy them. This is a highly competitive business to be in and I care deeply about the designers that have trusted Dezines2Amaze with their handiwork. I know that we did not have to pay here at Pixelscrapper for download points but trust me, I did and so have many of you, and often & I have to log in every time I log on (profound hu?) I promise you, there will be no charge to download anything that is free from my store, ever. I'm the only one who pays everyday for things in my store if you know what I mean. Next time, to everyone who was disappointied with the way I post my free kits, click the link, look around in the store, and if you cant see even one thing that you like that is for free, please feel free to hit the little X in the top right corner of the tab. I wont be upset, unless you feel like you need to 'call me out' in my favorite forum in the world. Sorry I took this so hard. Beth Bayer

I agree! These designers give of their creative time and how they choose to share their designs is solely up to each of them. It is not at all uncommon to have to register with a store to obtain freebies. Gratitude is a virtue and I thank each and every one of them for their very artistic gifts - even if I have to register at a few stores to receive them!

Karry D, thank you for the delightful boy and girl month stickers, they are very adorabable. And thank you for that beautiful yellow alpha.

Thanks Everyone for your Hard work and Awesome kits. Everyone did a Beautiful job smiley