June 2014 Blog Train: Final List

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I will take part, just still computer problems, but I will be here !

Here is my part and my BLOG

Click Here for my part

My part can be downloaded here at Pixel Scrapper (for subscribers only) or, if you are not a subscriber yet, you can download from my blog.

You can grab my part HERE! smiley

I had some time today so I put a little something together. I haven't participated in quite a while, it was fun to do!

You can get yours here.


AS 'Oh Baby, Baby' HERE or HERE

OK, I forgot to post my part here... but it's already on my blog Dea's designs

cards-01 por valeriaparsons, en Flickr

cards-01 por valeriaparsons, en Flickr

cards-01 por valeriaparsons, en Flickr

cards-01 por valeriaparsons, en Flickr

cards-01 por valeriaparsons, en Flickr

cards-01 por valeriaparsons, en Flickr

Here is my portion of the train. It can be found HERE at Pixel Scrapper or HERE on my Facebook page.

A huge thank you goes out to Sheila for her beautiful sleigh crib design. It was just what I needed to finish off the mini. smiley

Download Here

Download Here

here is the link to mine I thought I had shared it with you

you can find it here


***Only post in this thread if you are posting a link to your part for the blog train.***

I just deleted around 10 "thank you" comments on this post. The correct place to say thanks is at the designers blog comments or, if you can´t find it, please use this topic. Thanks for understanding.

Just in case someone thought I didn't post enough earlier...LOL...I just uploaded the papers and alphas I made to coordinate; I didn't have the time to make the previews before, that's why they are late... My apoogies for any inconveniences this may cause.Here's the dropbox link to the entire folder of my Oh Baby Baby contributions. If you've aready downloaded my earlier kits for this blog train, just search the list of files in this link for the ones to download the alpha and papers. But if you missed any of my earlier post, you'll see those links in the list too,here's another chance to get them, though, I usually make my freebie links permanently available on my blog.

Sorry this is late. Hope you have fun creating with it. There are so many lovely kits.....great job everyone.

Download from my Dropbox:


Guys, I am sorry to tell you that I misspelled the word length in my frames, so if you downloaded my portion of the train, please excuse me and go HERE to get corrected frames. (They will replace the wrong ones when you put them in the right folder)


I realize I'm quite late with a contribution for this month's blog train, but I just made a mini kit with this color palette and related theme which I wanted to share with you all. smiley

You can find the download link at this forum.
(Please note that you must be a registered member of the forum to view and download this freebie. Sorry for the inconvenience!)


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