June 2014 Blog Train: Working

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June 2014 Blog Train: Working

I'm going to jump the gun a little here and declare the palette for June. This seems like a popular theme, so this way everyone will get a little extra time to work on it. I know I could use a head start. See here for general details on Pixel Scrapper blog trains.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here.

This blog train is going to be AWESOME!

Great colors! I was just going to submit a color palette, but this one is great!

Yay! I'm still working on baby albums for both my boys, so I'm looking forward to seeing this train.

Looking forward to this one smiley

OK Will get going on it. Love the colors smiley

This sounds like a fun challenge and I love babies. Can't wait to get started.

Absolutely wonderful color palette, very complete & versatile!! Love it!

fantastic Marisa

Oh baby baby. Now I'll never get that song out of my head! And yes Robyn, it WAS Salt 'n Peppa, thanks. I love these colors, so many to choose from!

LOVE IT! That palette gives us SO MUCH to work with!

Yikes, June already! I haven't even started on the May blog train yet. Hoping to this weekend.

I have only been "inactive" in this community for 3 whole days (car accident) and I feel like I missed so much lol smiley This will be fun. I can feel it smiley

Oh, I hope you are okay Amara.

Perfect! smiley

@Sue: Yeah, just very sore. I am thankful none of my family was hurt. Thanks, Sue smiley

Oh Geeze Amara. Glad you and your family are okay! A little scrappin' therapy, and you'll be back to new in no time! smiley

OK Here is just part of mine so far. I have more that I am adding yet. smiley

Okay. Mandy's QP for the May BT gently urged me to try one as well. I have a former co-worker who just had a baby, and I want to do a framed print for her. This was the perfect opportunity to practice. smiley This will be an add-on to my kit, which is still in the works, but the kit will be SFH friendly.

Cute Julie smiley

Here is mine. Decided to go simple this month smiley

@Julie: Absolutely smiley Nothing like scrappin' smiley

Here is an alpha smiley If I have more time, I will make add-ons for this alpha (papers, embellishments, etc).

Awesome Karry. smiley

I love journaling cards –use them in my mini albums- and I'm always looking through internet what can I find. This was a good excuse to design some of my one.
I went bezerk! And here we go..

[img] cards-01 por valeriaparsons, en Flickr[/img]

[img] cards-01 por valeriaparsons, en Flickr[/img]

[img] cards-01 por valeriaparsons, en Flickr[/img]

[img] cards-01 por valeriaparsons, en Flickr[/img]

[img] cards-01 por valeriaparsons, en Flickr[/img]

[img] cards-01 por valeriaparsons, en Flickr[/img]

@Valeria: I really love the journal cards with the bike, love and eat sleep. They are all cute, but those are my fav smiley Very cute smiley

@Julie: This is such a cute Quick page. I love that font used for the oh baby baby! Very adorable smiley

I haven't been designing anything for awhile, but I might have to for this one. By then I will definitely know what I'm having!

These last two blogtrains I have noticed there are previews without the TOU on them. People really appreciate it if they can see whether your part is PU, CU, S4H or anything else. Please consider adding it to your preview file before you upload the actual part to the final thread.

Cute contributions so far!
Here is my part.. I will put it up June 1st.

Here is another offering from me smiley


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