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Cute, Kiana! Love the little bugs. I tried making a carriage like you and Andrea but it kept looking more like a bbq grill than a coach, lol.

I didn't think I would have time this month to play and work on a minikit, but just love the baby theme so stayed up late working on this. I stuck with the traditional colors and had fun making the baby theme elements. Here's my preview.

So pretty Donna! I can't wait for the train to pull out.


Thanks so much. I actually used a template for my carriage, but after I got it, realized it was pretty simple half circles.

Thanks Kim. I hope someone can use the kit. My grandkids are past the baby stage!

here is the preview to mine

I went traditional pink and blue, but oh, the cuteness in these babies! smiley

Here is my contribution it will be live on my blog June 1

Oh Donna, your little babies in the carriages are SOOOOO adorable! Love them! smiley

For this blog train, I've been reworking my Baby's Firsts kit that I use to sell from my store but my problem now is with deciding where to stop as it's a big kit. My apologies if I end up overwhelming anyone with my final kit here. Here's the prview of the elements from the original kit, if anyone wishes to help me whittle down the number of elements by offering your choices, I'd be most appreciative.

Here's the list of items from the original kit:
5 Tag & 12 Overlay Set for recording your Baby's 'First Time' Events
2 Additional, 'stitched' tags for journaling
14 Frames - Rectangle Frames in 4 styles, 5 Round Scalloped Edged and 5 Round Ring Frames
4 Double Rings of 'Stitching'
1 Lacy Mat
5 Knotted Ribbon and cord Elements
10 Border-Trims (4 Styles in various colors)
2 Buttons
2 Button Stitching
5 Brads
3 Baby Carriages (Buggies/Prams)
4 'Wooden' Cribs (2 sets of 2 - Large and small with Blue trimmed and Pink trimmed bedding)
2 Bathtubs (1 large and 1 small)
1 Bubbles element
2 Bowls
2 Spoons
1 Jar
1 Pacifier
1 Bottle
2 Rattles
1 Pair of shoes
1 Onesie (baby under garment)
2 Bibs
1 Diaper, felted
2 Diaper Pin Elements (a single and a double, interlocked)
4 Animal Babies, felted (Chick, Lamb, Bear, Giraffe)
1 Growth Chart
1 Cloud, felted
1 Moon, felted
1 Star, felted
1 Ball, felted
1 Staircase with Bear-in-a-box element
1 Star and Moon word-art element, felted (I'm deleting this one)
4 Heart Elements (1 plain and 3 word-art)-------(I've made this only 1)
3 Word-art Tags
10 Labels ('Sticker' word-art)

Here is my contribution, I just used some colors not all of them! smiley
★ ★ ★

so many lovely things being created with this theme...love it

I'd hate to see anything go, it's such a gorgeous kit. Couldn't you break it up in separate entries? If that's allowed, that is!!! smiley

@Rose I can see how it's hard to pick, they're all really nice. I'd take out a lot of the redundant elements that people will pick up on the blog train like word art, brads, ribbons and tags - then go with a few of the unique baby elements and papers that stand out in your kit.

Thank you, Shirley, maybe I'll do that.

That's a great suggestion, Kim, thank you!

Lots of special and unique baby item Rose. I love the baby animals!

I just had to weigh in on this one! Everything is adorable but my favorites are the diaper and diaper pins and the baby shoes, I really hope they make the cut! The baby animals are great too!

Finally had some time to get a small mini kit done:

oh love that one Phyllis, so vintage looking smiley

Here is mine, a solids paper pack. If I have time to add some elements before the 1st I will update the preview. Will be available on my blog Days Dreams 'n Designs on June 1st!

Changed it to a mini with cute elements, preview is in the final list!

Opps, thought I was in the final!

Here is mine
The word art will be on my blog http://scrapingarizonagirl.blogspot.com/

The mini kit will be on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arizona-Girl/547421685279002?ref=hl

Here's my preview:

I have my preview for you. Sorry it is much smaller than I usually make for the trains, but
I was busy making several kits for a charity collab. That had to take priority since it is for
someone with urgent medical needs. I will be able to share more with you soon about it.

The color palette for it is fabulous and there will be freebies made from it too, so hopefully it
will make up a little bit for a smaller contribution from me this time.

Kathie, I think you will want to post your preview in the final list, this one is for showing off what you made, but the real deal is already up and running: https://www.pixelscrapper.com/forums/digital-scrapbooking/pixel-scrapper-blog-trains/june-2014-blog-train-final-list

Edit: never mind, I just saw your post was already up smiley

But for everyone else: don't confuse this thread for the final list!

Sheila, that's totally stunning!


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