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I think the title England has been interpreted so uniquely by all of you that participated, that has turned this blog train into a very exciting one, thank you to each and everyone of you. I fully realize all the hours of work you put into your contribution and a simple thank you does not seem sufficient enough so I will say God Bless each and every one who participated.

Oh my goodness smiley - be still my heart smiley
Thank you so much ladies, this Anglophile is going nuts!

TY TY TY smiley

awesome contributions everyone! unfortunately i did not get to participate this month,too much going on in real life. Maybe next time.however i loved the theme!!! my daughter travels a lot and LOVES Dr Who,so will be able to use so many of your fabulous creations. Thanks again!

Once again, the blog train is fantastic. I've never been to London/England but I am sure I can find other reasons to use many of these gorgeous kits. The work that goes into these is so much appreciated.

wonderful kits made by everyone... but especially love the Dr. Who kit. Thanks everyone.

I have never been to England, but I have always wanted to go. All the kits are absolutely fabulous! However, I think my favorite is Sally's Shakespearean kit smiley

i received some response that my link isn't working for everybody. I uploaded it to another site, so if you missed my part, i hope it works now smiley

Bonnie, that is a great kit! I love it! However, I think there may be something wrong with one of the paper links. The same paper pack is downloading with both the links, so I only received 3 of the papers. I just thought you might want to check it out.

Kathryn White, Your 1st and 2nd Elements kits are downloads the same as the 3rd kit. Great kits

Yes, Beverly, all the Elements are in one file, if you click on any one of the three element previews, it will take you to the same link. The papers, however, are all separate files. I thought I had mentioned that on the website, but I might have forgotten. I think I will mention that on my post with the kits, in order to avoid confusion. Thanks for letting me know!

Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you liked the kits! smiley

So Sorry Kathryn. I see now. Thank you for the wonderful kits

What an awesome blog train! There are so many wonderful parts and everyone worked so hard. Thank you all for your work and dedication and your never ending generosity. I did the best I could to give thank you's to each individual part as I downloaded but am afraid I might have missed someone and want you all to know that I give a great big shout out of thanks to each and every one of you! Great job Ladies!

thanks so much to all designers for your great job smiley
a beautiful blog train smiley
oupsssssssss @Bonnie Why the 2 links for papers are the same smiley and I try to do a comment on your blog, but impossible smiley ????
can you give the good second link please ??????
thank youuuuuuuuu

@BonnieWhy thanks so much, it's OK now ;

As a Brit it's great to see how you've all interpreted the theme. I'm sure I'll be scrapping my London trips with them smiley

The last 6 posts in the final list are comments only - has anyone noticed?

I think one was me...I got mixed up. Sorry smiley (unless someone deleted it....If there is a way for me to do so, I dunno how.)

ACK! As Jan so kindly pointed out, elements 1 thru 14 of "To Be or Not to Be" were missing! I am SOOO embarrased! smiley It has been corrected but if you downloaded my kit before June 6th, you'll have to re-download the elements 01 zip. So sorry!

Jan, HUGE thanks for letting me know and Kathryn, thank you so much for your kind comments!


I would like to thank all the designers for their superb work and for sharing it with us!! smiley

thanks all for this beautiful blogtrain!! Love it!

Fab them - great job everyone. I especially loved the London based ones having lived there for 28 years! Many thanks!

Thank you all for the wonderful kits! Especially love love love the tea party ones. Great job everyone!

TYVM to all the designers for the fantastic BT, I had the sensation that I travel to England, all the parts are great.

The grandeur and ceremony of Great Britain is captured splendidly by all the contributors to this awesome kit. It brings back memories of a couple trips I took almost 50 years ago. I enjoyed celebrating tea time every afternoon and strolled colorful country gardens that have influenced my own modest garden even after all these years. My pictures of these experiences are pasted in those old fashioned “magnetic” photo albums or languish in slide carousels with no way to view them easily. You have given me impetus to resurrect these treasures and give them life. Thank you so much.

I was amazed at everything everyone came up with - such great variety & fantastic designs! I have yet to travel to England, or Europe for that matter, but it's on my bucket list so I was very excited to download what I could of this blog train... Thank you so much everyone!

Ohhh nooooo!!! lol Will the Dr. Who minikit be offered in the main Pixelscrapper "shop" soon? I totally lost track of the month!! *headdesk*

Sent you an email Lady Phillippa.

Thank you all for another very beautiful train smiley

Thanks everyone! I'm going back through the old blog trains and I really appreciate you sharing your hard work!