June 2015 Blog Train - Final List

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Mine will be available on the Northern Whimsy blog on June 1 smiley

They will be on my Blog , as free downloadables , in a few days.

download @ my blog


on my blog

Download on my BLOG

Royal alpha ~ Available on my blog June 1st

You can get my contribution here

ACK! As Jan so kindly pointed out, elements 1 thru 14 were missing! I am SOOO embarrased! smiley It has been corrected but if you downloaded my kit before June 6th, you'll have to re-download the elements 01 zip. So sorry!

Introducing "To Be or Not to Be." This Shakespeare-inspired kit includes the expected related ephemera plus sonnets, quotations from his plays, and word art featuring phrases we use today that have their origins in Shakespeare. There are 58 papers! Hope you enjoy and even if you are not into Shakespeare, I hope you find the vintage-inspired and usual scrapbooking elements useful. Blessings. Here's the previews and you can download on my blog here:

I went in a completely different direction and will be back this afternoon with a MUSIC-themed kit.
Download here, directly from GDrive.
Hopefully I'll have a QP on Coop's Custom Creations Facebook page soon too.

Click on preview


Here is the link to my stuff. Thanks again to Marisa and Pixel Scrapper for hosting. The link will be active until the end of June, 2015. My 16 year old daughter just returned from London and was fascinated by the phrases and words she heard there.

Small but useful. xoxox Get them here. PU/CU ok. xoxox D2A Blog

I'm sorry I'm late. With us homeschooling and my son graduating this year, I had to actually plan both my son's graduation ceremony and the reception. We also had a bunch of family visiting from out of town. Thus, I was a little behind schedule. smiley

I have never been to England, though I have always wanted to go, and hope to someday. However, I have been to Medieval Times and several Renaissance Festivals, so I thought I would theme my kit around that. My husband's family originated from England, so the inspiration for my kit was our family crest. However, even though I named the kit "House of White," I did include some other crests to make the kit more versatile. The kit can be downloaded from www.whitehallcrafts.com. There will be three parts: the elements (which are all in one download), and each of the three paper packs. Please note: Some of the papers in Paper Pack 3 are PERSONAL USE ONLY. I want to give a special thanks to Robyn from Dancing Tiger Designs for her CU textures smiley

NOTE: All the elements are in ONE file, so if you click on any of the three previews on my website, it will take you to the same download link. However, all the paper packs are a separate file, so you will need to click on each preview to download all the paper packs. I'm sorry for the confusion. The elements ended up being a moderate sized file, so I just put them all in one, even though it took three previews to display them all. The paper files were HUGE, so I had to split those up to make them more manageable.

We're done with 'England Rocks'. smiley Haha.

Get it here!

I wasn't going to share anything this time, as everything I have done so far has been using photos, and so weren't within the palette - but after seeing that a few other people have used photos, too - well, I thought I'd share some photo flairs with you. Just a note here - these flairs are quite large (2 inches), to show the detail in the photos, but they can (of course) be resized.

England Photo Flairs


Download from Copy.com OR Dropbox OR Google Drive

Here's my contribution. Download from my blog here.


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