June 2017 Blog Train - Comments

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June 2017 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until June 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

@Jessica D - Love that far left loosey goosey flower paper!! All the papers, really, and the word strips!
@Diane - The little wood slices are too cute and the button with the twine bow is adorable!
@Sunny - You make such wonderful clusters and multi-layered elements! I keep telling myself I'm going to try my hand at it but never get around to it. I think I'll start studying some of your pieces to help me gain the courage!
@Sarah D - Welcome to the blogtrain and what a wonderful first contribution! The papers are great and I really like the little ribbon pieces!
@Melo - That wooden heart scatter and the flower circle/frame is awesome! That feather is super cool too!
@Lisa G - Like Sunny, you are great at multi-layered elements! I'll have to study some of yours as well!
@Erin - I love the frames and the sand dollar!
@Dawn - That tri-frame caught my attention instantly, how cool! And that folded ribbon flower is too cute!
@Phyllis - The bird and the frame are amazing, the flower too! And the grass, all of it!
@Pauline - You seem to make alphas a lot! Like our very own resident alpha maker! Thanks for all your hard work, I know from experience that they aren't always quick and easy like some might expect!
@Tina - Love all the flowers, the watercolor ones are my fave!
@Jan - Your fillagri (is that what they're called?) pieces will be useful in so many ways!
@Shannon - Your spotted papers are really cool and I love the dragonfly charm/pendant!
@Bina - I love that you're including layouts with your contributions and as always wonderful papers!

Thanks everyone for your contributions!

Wonderful, refreshing colours, makes one feel cool and rejuvenated! Kudos once again to the designers...thank you for your love and generosity!

Wow. I am LOVING this month's train.
SO very refreshing, so very generous, so very green---in a GOOD way!
Once again, you've all outdone yourselves!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kayl, thank you so much! I love to layer things, especially creating quickpages. I had fun with the journal cards in this. smiley

I also think it's so sweet of you to point out all the things you like in the various kits. smiley


Thank you, Kayl. I love the way you picked out something that you liked about everyone's contribution. Everyone did such a beautiful job!

Thank you ladies for the amazing kits, i love them all!

all these wonderful kits made my day, my week and the whole month smiley thank you so much to everybody, i'm happy to be a part of our great blogtrain smiley

If anyone already downloaded mine... I put the wrong paper pack on Facebook. You probably got 2 solid packs and no patterns. So, it is fixed now! Sorry!

Oops! Yep! I will go and get the patterns. Thanks for letting us know! You're awesome!

Thank you very much for these wonderful kits! smiley

smiley A big thank you to all participants of the Nature Escape June 2017 Blog Train! smiley smiley

Bina, I can't open your .rar file... I has never happened to me before...
I can't open it with 7zip.. Ultra file opener asks if maybe I need a login... did you protect the download??
I tried other .rar files from your blog, with those there was no problem.. only with this one!

edit: Bina, did you zip it with Winrar 5???
I found out that files zipped with Winrar 5 can only be unzipped with Winrar 5.. so I installed a trial of Winrar 5 and this works! smiley

smiley Yes, winrar! Latest winzip is reported to do the job as well ...
Thank you, Patricia, for pointing this out.
smiley The different rar file qualities that is. I guess you were not the only one having this experience then..... Did you dl the other files from DB or were those direct dl's? Thank you so much for your help. I might have to identify another packer. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

I downloaded the other files also via Dropbox, I just clicked the download links on your blog.
maybe if you use .zip file instead of .rar, it would be easier for a lot of people.
When you have a Windows PC you don't have to install a programm to unzip, Windows does it for you, I think it is the same for a Mac...
Also making .zipfiles is easy (no programm needed-at least on a PC)

.zip is the easiest to 'unzip' smiley

Bina. I can unzip rar files, but I had problems with yours, too.

Thank you for pointing this out to me, Erin! I have taken down the rar and uploaded a zip instead. So sorry for any inconveniences. smiley

Thank you, Patricia! smiley

smiley smiley smiley Thanks to all the WONDERFUL designers who participated in this train. It was a truly International [u] effort.

you're welcome Bina, glad I could help! smiley

What a wonderful blog train it turned out to be this month!!! smiley
All the contributions are amazing and I'm (unexpectedly) in love with this color palette!
A big thank you to all the lovely designers who participated!

And for those who already hopped through the blog train: I've just added my contribution to the final list (post #3) in case you want to take another look! smiley

I love these colors ! Thank you for all te contributions, you are great !

hi all beautiful kits ty everyone. smiley

Thank you all for your lovely contributions to this months blog train.

Phyllis, I can't open either of your files. I've tried downloading from Google and from MediaFire. Stuffitexpander (for Mac) won't work. They show up as DATA "files" on my desktop. Just letting you know.

Ladies! VERY lovely train this month! Thank you all for all your hard work!

@Trish Riddle, thank you for this lovely contribution...and also others which I downloaded from your site...all are too lovely...thank you!
@ Lisa Pisarenko...thanks for your gift ... the elements are eye-catching!

Candee - I rezipped and uploaded the file to my 4shared account. The link is on my blog at the very end of the post. Sorry to take so long to answer - we are traveling and my computer time is very limited.

WOW! What a bunch of great work! Thank you everyone!!!

Thank you smiley

I just want to say "Wow!" and "Thank you" to all of the fabulous designers for this train. It took me a while to get them downloaded and unzipped and I'm finally having a chance to look through all of them, I am amazed. Gorgeous contributions everyone. What impresses me the most is how most, if not all of the kits complement each other perfectly. Such a wonderful mega kit with so many items to play with. Thank you.

I tried to leave comments of some of the blogs, but I didn't get all of them. So I thought I'd leave some love here.

#2 - Marisa - very excited to have the alphabet clips. I especially love the blue ones.
#3 - Sharon - your kit is huge! There are so many amazing things in it. I love the floral paper, and those metal wire numbers and letters are the best!
#4 - Jessica - your papers are beautiful. I especially love the textured rainbow color paper. So pretty.
#5 - Diane - oh my goodness - your characters are adorable! LOVE them! You are an amazing character artist.
#6 - Sunny - your papers and elements are very pretty. I made a layout with them and love how it turned out. Thank you.
#7 - Sarah - love your papers, tags and ribbon - especially that 2-color chevron ribbon. So cute.
#8 - Milo - the feather is beautiful, love that plaid paper and the flower wreath is so pretty.
#9 - Lisa - love the tags. The green/blue textured paper with the rose is my favorite. I love the aged polka dots, too.
#10 - Kayle - everything is gorgeous in your kit... the round word stickers stood out though because I need reminders to relax! The banner is super cute, too.
#11 - Erin - your flowers and natural elements are so pretty. Love the beachy ones.
#12 - Dawn - the blue and yellow bird is adorable, the flowers are beautiful. Love the other elements like the frame, ribbon and ric rac, too.
#13 - Phyllis - the bird, the papers, the flowers - everything is so dainty and pretty. Thank you!
#14 - Pauline - thank you for so many amazing alphabets. I'm new to digital scrapbooking and I needed those!
#15 - Janet - love the blue button, the paper and the adorable banner.
#16 - Tina - the papers are so pretty. I love the round tag with the border, and the flowers are gorgeous.
#17 - Jan - I like your last name. smiley Your papers are beautiful, but those swirls - they are amazing!
#18 - Shannon - the animals are adorable! Thanks for all the buttons, too. I don't have many yet.
#19 - Bina - your patterned papers are beautiful! Thank you.
#20 - Rachel - love the natural elements, and the tag, and especially those flowers.
#21 - Joyce - your critters are so cute. Especially love the green/blue flower.
#22 - Rene - love your style. The papers are adorable. Love the birds and that washi tape!
#23 - Laural - thank you for all the camping motifs! Our family is a camping family and they will come in handy. Their brad-like appearance looks so realistic, too!
#24 - Bourico - I love your kit - from the papers, to the trees and leaves, etc. Thank you.
#25 - Gaelle - your kit, with it's drawn elements feels very classy to me. Love the simplicity of the color scheme. Very nice! Thank you.
#26 - Andrea - love all the elements. Your artwork is amazing.
#27 - Elizabeth - your paper and elements are very nice. Love the ticket, the bird button and the binoculars.
#28 - Elif - so many fun items to choose from. Love the words, ribbon and flowers.
#29 - Robin - the flower paper is so pretty! Thank you for all the ribbon and button elements, too.
#30 - Sally - thank you for the huge variety of paper! So pretty!
#31 - Trish - I love the buttons, and the butterflies and the ribbon and the cute paper clips. Thank you.
#32 - Olga - I love your little animals. Your artwork is adorable. The stamps are beautiful!
#33 - Rachel - I'm glad you got your kit done - many of your elements will be used over and over. Love the flowers and the metal photo-turns and that beige-brown bow.

Thanks, again, to everyone. I have been working on a kit for the July train, so I now know how much work goes into these. Really appreciate it!