June 2017 Blog Train - Ideas

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June 2017 Blog Train - Ideas

Share your thoughts on colors and theme for the June blog train!

How about "Weddings" as a theme? Or maybe "June Bride" or "Groom"? Or maybe "Weddings in June"? It seems that June is usually about graduations or something like that, but I was wondering if we could go with something different.
And colors could be anything, really.

***Or I just thought of another one, how about "June Ceremonies" or "Ceremonies of June"?
That way, weddings or graduations would work.***


and add some blue:

I have a son graduating from high school this June, so it'd be great to do a graduation kit. I like Lisel's idea of ceremonies, that way it could be anything.

Hello! I love the idea of a Wedding or Ceremony kit! This is my palette idea:

I was going to say something graduation related? What about an overall theme and colors to go with that would cover weddings, graduations, prom (maybe)? I'll go scour Pinterest for color ideas. smiley

Beach Bliss. Beach, sea, ocean........

@Rachel ~Love those pinks and that is a very pretty blue smiley
@Sonia ~ Love the peach and navy!
@Sunny ~ Very Pretty colors! Esp love that 1st one.

I do like the ceremonies idea too that Lisel mentioned. If it goes that direction I was thinking of something like this palette that could support graduation [black white navy deep red] and weddings [gray red mint peach navy]. Just my two cents to the wonderful "think tank" here smiley

Oooo.....Sonia, those are gorgeous colors!

I'm with Sunny! What about "Beach Bliss" I like her muted tones too... but here is brighter palette to consider. I would make me SO happy to work on a beach kit!

How about "Once Upon a Time..."?

bold colors


or a little softer


Have no idea for colors. All of those shown so far would be great. How about a theme like "Some Like It Hot" or "Summer Breeze" or how about "Summer Sizzle". Kind of leaves the interpretation up to each designer to bring out their own creativity.

@Sunny. Oh gosh, I am in love with that first palette!

All the palettes are lovely, but the first one that Sunny posted is my favorite. As far as ideas, the beach is always good, and I really like the "summer" idea that Diane suggested.

The first palette is my favorite, too. smiley

This is my fave

Sunny, I just love your pallets to work on!! It's long enough I took a break from creativity and your pallets have good comeback colors!!!
I also love the Bold colors posted by Dawn!!! It has materials to play with!!

My vote so far, and not voting for myself, lol smiley, would be Erin's beach theme and the green/blue/tan palette. Green is my FAVORITE color!

I like escape hues also!

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