March 2014 Blog Train: Final List

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My part is here.

Here is my mini kit. Not a whole lot of country, I struggled with that part. I focused more on the papers this time to make them more unique (there will be solids on a facebook freebie) so the elements are more just some basics but I love it anyway. I love these blues and purples because they were my wedding colors too. Maybe I will make a digital version of my wedding album!
Available on my blog HERE.

Visit the blog and you will find even more goodies to go with this mini-kit!

Here's my contribution. Hope you like it. It will be available on my BLOG March 1.

My portion is now up on the blog - Looking forward to following along this weekend! p.s forgot to include my terms on the preview - CU okay

Hello! My Country Wedding Kit can be downloaded from my blog.

Here's my part of the train:

You can download it HERE on my blog March 1.

Here is Part 1 of the Country Wedding Blog Train - DOWNLOAD HERE by noon March 1st

Here is Part 2 of the Country Wedding Blog Train - DOWNLOAD HERE by noon March 1st

Here is Part 3 of the Country Wedding Blog Train - DOWNLOAD HERE by noon March 1st

Grabbing a spot for my contribution... it's going to be late!

Please remember to post your compliments, thank yous, and questions in the comments thread only. This post here is ONLY for previews and download links. Your comments will be deleted from this post to keep this thread clean. Thanks for your understanding! smiley

eta 03/01/14 NOTE: Ladies I had to delete about 8 posts today. I hate to have to do that,
but please notice Marisa's request in the very first post of this thread: *******************************************************************************
***Only post in this thread if you are posting a link to your part for the blog train.***
If you'd like to leave comments, questions, thanks, etc, please do so in this post.

Mine is posted on my blog now.

You can find it here: Kathie Stevens Designs

OK Here is my part on my Blog here: P4DSDesignz

Am I a day late and dollar short to the party? I'm sorry for my tardiness, but I did want to add my contribution to the list. I am LOVING the challenge and the inspiration from everyone So here's my part available for download on my blog:

I had so much I wanted to do but just plain old ran out of time. Maybe I'll make an add on kit with the rest. At any rate, you can find my portion of the train on my Facebook Fan Page. Though if you don't have facebook, please feel free to message me. I can easily send a link your way.

Oh, and kudos go out to Sheila for sharing the lacy background for my country lace. I've been trying to figure out how to make my own lace for a while now and this is exactly what I needed! smiley

My part is finally finished and up on Honeysuckle Lane Designs blog. My deepest apologies for being a week late!

Here it is:

Thanks for waiting smiley

Woohoo! Finally caught up with you! Just click the image to go to my blog.


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