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@Nadia Those jars are so adorable. Love them.

gorgeous work so far ladies!

Great! Kits everyone smiley

*sigh* I had a hard drive crash and while I had everything backed up to Crashplan, it's going to take a month to re-download everything. So... depending on how fast my in-progress stuff gets restored, I might not get to participate. smiley Blah!

Even though I'm not officially joining the designer world, I may be jumping in this train to create some plaid papers for it. smiley I recently obtained a plaid paper script (one where you can select the color palette - thank you, Carole!), and I thought this would be a good opportunity to try it out & give back a little. smiley

I just have one small request: Would someone in here be willing to look at the papers I've made when I'm done? I just want to make sure these papers are worthy of downloading before the train goes live, and I know nothing about doing quality checks...

@Liz: Send it to me, I can QC for you.

I think I've completed my part. I went pretty basic this time around thinking of things I would actually use for my wedding album.

Great work ladies. I haven't even started yet! I just looked through everything you've done to try to get motivated. I've been sick and just now feeling like looking. Love the ideas on Pinterest. I hope to start on my contribution tomorrow!

Here's my previews...

Pauline, that is SO pretty! I love it.

This is what I have so far. I am learning a lot as this will be the second blog train for me. I guess what I'm struggling with the most is how to do the preview. I don't have all the word art and embellishments shown here. Maybe I should do that as a separate preview. I notice that's what other designers do. Feedback would be appreciated how you cluster your preview and when you think it's best to show it separate. Thanks!

These are great. I hope I get my gallery approval soon so I can join in!

@Lórien: Thanks so much....I will take you up on that! smiley

Wow!!! This thing is going to be gigantic!!! smiley ALL of you are doing lovely work!!! smiley

I want to say how lovely I think all these kits are, everyone is doing a fantastic job!!!

Re-working my part. Preview will be up when it's done. smiley

Here is a kit to add for the Country Wedding. Everyone is so creative on this site. Will post link on March 1st.

@Amanda - You should be careful with song lyrics. They are almost always under some sort of copyright. Especially newer songs


There is no right or wrong way to do your preview and (sadly) there is also no magic trick to it! Once my elements start to completely overshadow my papers, I try splitting them up in different previews. If the papers are still visible (bits of it at least) I don't bother. If you have lots of wordart, maybe a seperate preview would be helpful, for readability purposes.

@Jenni and all: You don´t need to have your access to gallery to play in the blogtrains, because the gallery is for layouts only. By the way, you don´t even need to post your preview in this thread, that is only for preparations, chatting and cheering - people post them only to make us willing to the next month, lol. The official sign up thread is on other post, that usually go on air on 28th or so - probably this month Marisa will put it earlier, as we only have 28 days in the month, right? Then you post the preview and link to your blog on that post and you link back to that post on your blog - there´s no blog code, or so. And your preview must be uploaded to your place. What I do, as my blog is on blogspot, is to schedule my post before posting the preview in the thread, and them go to Picasa Web albums and copy my preview direcly from there. But you can also host it on photobucket, imgur or something like it to have it ready to post...

There´s more info on blogtrain directions here and here. The second one is important specially for beginners...

Please you all, don´t forget to put your previews on the sign-up thread later in the month!

Some good info, Lorien! I struggled with my first blog train and never did get it posted in the right place so this should help the newbies.

Here's my preview!

@Jeanet - I had a feeling. I've gone back and forth on whether to replace it with some other script. I likely will before the final BT rolls out. The song is from the 80s. I did tweet & email the musician asking for permission to use the lyrics though, so we'll see. smiley

Kim that is awesome! Love the Celtic knots!

Beautiful contributions everyone!! smiley

@Patricia Thank you!

Amanda, unless you are using complete lyrics, as in a verse or a chorus, there should be no problem with using words or phrases from the song. People say certain phrases and/or words every day so there is no way to copyright it. Think of "forever and ever" - that's pretty common for people to say, i.e., "I'll love you forever and ever." It's when you put the "amen" on it that might be questionable. If you feel more comfortable getting permission, then I say go for it. smiley

An aside: did you know the song "Happy Birthday" is copyrighted? That's why restaurants have their own version of it - they're not allowed to sing the traditional song to their customers without paying for the rights, or getting special permission!!

I just looked through the posts - what gorgeous kits!! I can't wait to get mine started. I got a little side-tracked by real life. smiley But I'm getting to work today. Have so many ideas! Will be difficult to keep it to a "mini" but when have I ever done that? smiley

@ Linda - I didn't know that about Happy Birthday! I never would've guessed. I already re-did the papers and think they look even better now,! smiley

I love all the parts you've all made, so many beautiful kits.... this is gonne be a huge blogtrain again!!!

Here's my contribution for this month