March 2014: In Progress

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Great Liz! I´ll have a super-boring Sunday... My hubby wants me to go somewhere with him where he will discuss about boring stuff... And I told him I´m going but I have some kits to QC for others smiley

Hoping to email ya now smiley

@Lorien "where he will discuss about boring stuff"...I love it! I know how you feel. What the heck is a kreg jig anyway?

Karry, that is so funny....I have a Kreg is one of the best tools ever when you are building brother helped me (actually I helped him) build my two vanities.....the jig allows you to do a slanted drill/screw to put two pieces of wood together....and there are lots of accessories...I have a lot of them! Still have a linen closet and pantry to make on my own but haven't been able to yet!